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The Cali Salsa Scene at Tin Tin Deo

The Cali Salsa Scene at Tin Tin Deo

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The Cali Salsa scene is HOT!!! And it doesn’t wait for anybody! Its a pulsing breathing entity that will get your feet tapping and your fingers drumming.
When the chance came for me to take a weekend trip to experience another part of Colombia, I knew it would have to involve late nights and good music. In a good salsa club here you will see amazing things, the fast rhythms of the Colombian salsa music will transport you to a magical place. I witnessed couples dancing the tropical choke salsa, the fast feet of Caleño style and even the more graceful American LA style along with me and my friend dancing New York Step on One.
I met up with one of my old dance partners from the States who had danced at Salsa Reno with me under the tutelage of BB and Kiki. He (Joe) is in Cali for a month studying the Caleño style. And together we set out with open minds to find the nightlife.
The club we went to is named Tin Tin Deo and is one of the most famous salsa clubs in Valle del Cauca. Even when we arrived at the early hour of 10:00 there were already couples out there cutting the rug with their various personal styles. Along the way we met a few other gringos who had come for the same adventure. Taz, was From Japan and had been to Cali on two different occasions for extended crash courses on the style. Till was from Germany and has also been taking an intensive course. I have been learning salsa now for one year starting with New York step on One in the US and here in Colombia the Caleño style. The crowning moment was walking out on that dance floor and putting into motion all these months of study with my three companions.
For anyone looking for a great time in Cali, this is definitely the spot even if you only want to watch and absorb the culture from behind your beer you won’t be disappointed. The cover was 10,000 pesos for women and 12,000 pesos for men, it worked out pretty good though because we were comped with two rounds of beer.
Be sure to arrive early because by 11:00 there will be standing room only!!

So this is the story of my Friday might in Cali. I also made some very interesting friends and stayed at an awesome hostel so check back again soon to read about it!!

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