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When Travel Plans Get Cancelled! REVISION

When Travel Plans Get Cancelled! REVISION

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Travel is the romance that grabs us by the hand, pulls us in through dreams, imagination and the possibilities of the exotic places we visit.  Cancellation is HELL on earth for pretty much anyone who has ever spent the time and done the research to make it not just cool trip but AMAZING adventure!  Last night I swallowed the bitter pill of cancellation and wallowed in the depths of self-pity and occasional bursts of homicidal anger at the evil perpetrators!  This morning I cried, ate chocolate, washed extra dishes (as penance for being such a terrible traveler), ate “special” chocolate to get my head right, drank tea and sat down to start planning my revenge.


So what happened?  The airline (a low-cost-happy-go-lucky economy airline here in Colombia) cancelled my reservation because the day I bought my ticket, the payment didn’t go through correctly.   So the confirmation numbers that were spit out at me meant…..nothing.  And of course this airline functions so efficiently I didn’t find out until I arrived at the airport bright-eyed and bushy tailed with dreams of the sea and the sand.  Don’t mess with bushy-tailed travel bloggers!!!  We will get out the chocolate and plot our revenge! Revision: After thoroughly checking the facts around my reservation I discovered that I indeed in fact did not complete the payment for my flight reservation.  It actually became a bit of a culture clash as I misunderstood how the process on this website worked and needed Spanish speaker supervision to correct my previous errors and complete the payment.

Revenge Plot: Call the airline and rain down the fury of an indignant American customer until they concede to my social engineering scheme, demand that they extend the flight discount to the same days two weeks from now and escalate if necessary! (a past life as a customer service rep taught me all I needed to know!) Revision: I tucked my tail and went back in to find a comparable price to my previous intention and re-booked my flight for the next week.  It did cost me a bit more for the mistake I made but I do admit the error is on my part. 

Backup Plan (because reality bites!): Plan an even better trip for two weeks from now, work extra hours to save up for the overpriced plane ticket.  Compare prices from other airlines, re-write my personalized travel plan and find a blog story that everyone will LOVE full of even BETTER pictures, MORE planning and EXCEPTIONAL results!  Revision: The Backup Plan is in motion.  I rebooked my flight, extended my trip and got smarter along the way.  I now have a better understanding of how to buy plane tickets in Colombia and mistakes to avoid when planning a trip to be shared in my next article.

The travel life is a roller coaster of fun, disappointment and personal growth.  For me that personal growth will be letting out the bad energy through positive activities and better future planning.  I might accidently let loose a couple more tears but they will soon turn to tears of joy as I find something new and fun to go and experience!  Out with the bad, in with the good!  Coming Soon: The whole scoop:  Tips for Traveling While Pregnant and Travel  Hostel, Food and Adventure Reviews and Experiences in Cartagena, Colombia.”






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  1. Jane Clements
    September 22, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    The next trip will be a million times better

  2. hicartagena
    May 30, 2017 at 5:25 am

    Interesting Revenge 🙂 and nice blog

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