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Cascada de los Frailes in Pereira (Friars Waterfall)

Cascada de los Frailes in Pereira (Friars Waterfall)


A waterfall of beauty and grace, los Frailes (the friars) is a hike in the verdant jungles near Pereira, Colombia that will leave you speechless.  One of the best touristic attractions near Pereira, cascada de los frailes is a place of wonder, a hidden gem in the forest at the end of an easy hour long hike.

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To get there you must travel by bus; there are jeeps available but they are quite costly.

Special permission must also be acquired to hike into this area.  The waterfall is situated on the Rio Barba in a nature reserve.  Only 30 people per day can enter the area and you must have an ID or Passport on you at all times.   It was a beautiful morning for hiking.  The waterfall is located at the end of a trail that was well maintained and follows a series of gently rolling hills.  All around us in the distance we could hear monkeys calling to each other far away up the mountain.  Hiking boots or water shoes are recommended as there is one small stream crossing and the area is quite rainy leaving trails muddy and slippery.

Nice, well-maintained trails.

The sight upon arrival left us absolutely speechless…



A refreshing, moisturizing breeze hits your face the second you step out of the forest and in front of the waterfall.  The water is pure and clean.  We refilled our water bottles and rested.  The height of the waterfall is about 50 yards.




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