The Colombian Dating Game | A.K.A. My Experience

Nothing is as insane and unpredictable as saddling up what you hope will be a nice date in the great Republic¬†of Colombia. Be prepared to see things you never before imagined, fresh from actual experiences. The Colombian Dating Game is tricky but I am going to give you a peek into my experiences¬†dating men in Colombia. Disclaimer: No men were harmed or emotionally hurt in the research phase of this article. I gave each one genuine attention and some of them I ended up even liking. During my research I tried to give each one a fair shake. That is to say that there was no malicious intention behind what you are about to read. I simply took each one for what he presented me and tried it on like a pair of shoes to see if the fit was “agradable,” or nice. The Colombian Dating Game In a country where machista ideas are king, the dating scene here can leave women feeling less than a queen and more like an abandoned lover. There are cultural norms here that tell men they aren’t even real men if they don’t have multiple women as partners. And really, it’s sad. Women here … Continue reading The Colombian Dating Game | A.K.A. My Experience