COVID-19 Fear, Loathing and Chocolate in Colombia

I absolutely love eating and drinking Chocolate in Colombia, but I LOATHE the over-the-top COVID-19 Dicktatorial CONTROL of a small city in the middle of the Coffee Axis, which I happen to call home! Chocolate in Colombia The taste of hot Chocolate rolls over my tongue. I added a smidge of Baileys. Whimsically I contemplate Molotov Cocktails. Hmm, where did I leave my poncho? This cold rainy season weather is driving me nuts too. A couple years ago, I was involved in a cocoa business that processed cocoa from the pacific conflict zone of the Department of El Choco, and into ready-made chocolate for drinks and pastries. Today, I always drink hot chocolate for breakfast or dinner, and nibble local artisan chocolate for snacks or when I am working. Pictured below, are some of the cocoa varieties we have put away for future use. Half are for Hot Chocolate, and making pastries, the other half is ready-made chocolatina or sweet chocolate, for eating as a snack. According to local culture, cocoa was once a form of currency during the Pre-Colombian (PreColombino) Era. In recent history, many people remember their grandparents preparing cocoa with cloves and natural vanilla. My friends have told me … Continue reading COVID-19 Fear, Loathing and Chocolate in Colombia