Life in Colombia, During Coronavirus

Oh shucks, I just scheduled two appointments for a day I don’t have for going out. And, then I am automatically re-calculating where I get off the bus to avoid the CAI, or local police checkpoints where the “Papers Please” types tend to hang out. Life in Colombia is getting weird. In times of Coronavirus, everything is a weird play of subversive activity, in an attempt to live “normal.” Even breathing air without cumbersome breathing situations, is now illegal – and you will be extorted for it. Violators can be fined approximately $300 USD for failure to comply. If you run to a nearby city, and admit to it, you could get 14 days of closely monitored house arrest. Here’s what Life in Colombia looks like, in Bogota On May 29th, 2020, The City Paper Bogota published an article about how Colombia is currently on track to be the country with the longest Covid lockdown. Read more about it here: Meanwhile, Colombia is on a landslide towards economic repression and government corruption scandals. As I write this, the governor of Antioquia, whose capital city is Medellin, is under arrest for government contracts gone wrong. It is after all, just another … Continue reading Life in Colombia, During Coronavirus