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How to Surthrive COVID-19

How to Surthrive COVID-19


The most simultaneously beautiful and horrible thing about all this, is that conditions are very similar and the playing field is leveled a bit, no matter where you are. We are all dealing with lockdowns, government overreach and day to day issues that affect our ability to go forward, and surthrive.

There isn’t a field manual out yet for how to Survive and Thrive during the Coronavirus. Here are some guidelines which I hope will help you.

Yes Surthrive is a Real Word


The best definition of Surthrive is this one:
“Surthrive – to thrive even in difficult circumstances?”

Strangely enough, the Urban Dictionary defines it as this:
“1. Thriving off of being a “surviver” of some nebulous problem, usually a trumped up issue to justify inappropriate behavior.”

Automatically, I see a HUGE issue with the second definition – beyond the thinly veiled insinuation that a “Surthriver” surely must be a “Trump” follower…it doesn’t make sense!

And hasn’t the issue at the heart of Coronavirus always come back around to conforming?

We are being asked to conform to an official narrative in spite of the truth, – embracing an agenda that is blatantly false. Governments are locking us down, controlling our movement and making medical decisions with no input whatsoever from their constituents.

Which makes the ability to survive and thrive even more important. These are times where I think we will actually see a huge divide open up between the passive observers, and the ones who choose to survive and thrive. Because believe me, it is a choice.

Survival Starts With Your Brain First

Our minds are tremendously powerful. They can create physical and metaphysical reactions with only a thought. The act of making a strong decision or emitting a strong feeling has the ability to bring unimagined results.

In a few years, people will look back at 2020 and wonder why the sharp contrast between those who found a way to survive and thrive versus those who passively accepted their fate.

Which means you have to start with your brain.

When quarantine began, I probably fell into the deepest pit of denial I have ever seen in my life. It was absolutely unfathomable that this could happen. And for a good reason…

This had been the beginning of the year of my wildest dreams. My businesses were growing, I was receiving more tourists and consulting clients than ever, and most importantly, I was saving money for the first time in almost 5 years. It felt amazing.

Then the news started pouring in.

The month of April was mostly unproductive. All the vacations I had never taken in the previous 5 years finally came to pass as I lounged, ate healthy, did exercise and read books. Once a voracious reader, I had hardly read at all in the last two years.

As the month came to a close, I began to see a future. And, I decided that if this was to be my new reality, I was going to grab it by the balls and make it work.

By making my mind up, I am working to bring opportunities into to my life. Not sure where it will take me yet, but I know that it comes from the mindset of Surthrive that I have adopted.

It is Not a SIN to Thrive

Just like it isn’t a sin to have your own business, earn money and create your lifestyle in the way you want, IT IS NOT A SIN TO THRIVE. In fact, it is a much bigger sin to sit at home waiting for the government to give you what you want for “free.”

Thrive means that I am open to any opportunity which comes my way.

It means I am going to try to help others when possible, knowing that the positive energy created will help me even more.

If I come out ahead, I am not going to feel bad. I worked hard for this, and I didn’t allow the previous despair of April consume me.

Unfortunately, this is the hard part. Thriving is different for every person.

Whatever it means for you, imagine yourself doing it and believe that you deserve it. Make sure it isn’t hurting others. We live in times where the cosmic cycle of energy is smaller than ever and payback is a bigger meaner bitch than she ever was before. People who go to bed with a clean conscience will thrive more than those who have blood on their hands literally or figuratively.

Rescue Your Creativity

We are all born creative. Babies and toddlers invent things which an adult would never imagine – because they are creative. Once, I found my son standing naked INSIDE the toilet with his poopy diaper under his feet. Somehow he knew that his waste needed to go there – and his own innate creativity led to this.

How can I channel my sons ability to link ideas and create – without destroying it?

I was very dismayed as he began Kindergarten, because his teacher wanted him to sit in a seat quietly and do what he is told. She wanted him to color inside the big circle with only one color. He wouldn’t do it. In fact, he was the nightmare child that would get up in the middle of class and simple wander out the door when he was bored.

On the surface being behaved is perfectly logical – schools were not created to be mad-houses. But children weren’t made to sit still. After so many months of quarantine, I can’t imagine sending him back.

Watching his active mind as he re-discovers his toys, often discarding the bright, colorful flashy ones for bits and pieces of wood and electronics. We don’t buy him things to put together – instead we buy old electronics for him to take apart. And he loves it!

I think I would rather deal with painted walls, and bits of electronics everywhere, than making him color in a giant circle with no mental complexity, except the animal act of putting the crayon in the middle and making sure he filled it up.

As adults we allow our creativity to be kidnapped the same way school kidnaps it – by letting jobs put us in little boxes which force us to color inside of the lines. In fact, school makes us forget what life is like without boxes, and then we settle for less in our jobs, and relationships.

What would happen if everyone who hated their job quit tomorrow, and resolved to pursue their passions, or at the very least discover them?

Maybe we would have more solutions than problems, especially in times of Covid-19.

How to Surthrive the Coronavirus Plandemic

  1. Start with your mind.
  2. It is not a sin to get ahead.
  3. Rescue your creativity.

Life is not going to wait for you any longer to do what makes you happy. And going forward from here you are going to have some massive struggles, but if you open your mind – they might turn into massive successes.

What do you have to lose?

Based in Manizales, Colombia, Erin Donaldson aspires to create love and appreciation for local brands, products and entrepreneurial projects of value and quality in the Coffee Axis. Follow her adventures or learn more about life abroad via her ongoing project at

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