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Liisto Application, Essential Expat Services in Colombia

Liisto Application, Essential Expat Services in Colombia

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The hardest transition for many foreign residents, can be finding the people you need, ensuring the work gets done, without being taken for a ride. Language barriers, employee culture and dishonesty has created a tricky legal environment for expats in Colombia who need to hire domestic services. For that we now have Liisto application!

Now that more of a stay-at-home culture is being cultivated in Colombia, domicilio, or home delivery will continue to play a role in how we get things done. Mobility and convenience are now more important than ever!

It’s important to distinguish that where other app’s reach consumers with products, Liisto application offers services to buyers.

What if you had a way to offer/obtain services, without paying a lawyer, searching for someone you would actually trust, and then hoping they actually show up?

Liisto Application, is a Colombian-based app developed by Americans – Wes and Caleb Madrigal, which provides excellent expat services with legal contracts without breaking the bank!

Expat Services

Wes explained to us that the need for Liisto application was actually born from a desire to get things done on his farm outside of Manizales, Colombia. He wanted local labor without running the risk of being sued, or subpoenaed for retirement, health and pension benefits by a contractor that he worked with for a short period of time.

Unfortunately, the same laws that protect workers, can also be used to disadvantage employers looking for independent contractors, yet falling victim to the legal system. Now, if a worker doesn’t fulfill expectations, users have a contract to fall back on for less than the cost of lunch!

Be sure to use the tracking code coffee20 on signup, to get your first legal contract & Liistero connection free!

Available to Android or iOS, you can find it by searching “Liisto” in the app store. It is a free download.

Liisto Application – Expat Services

Expat Services

Though the idea was born in October 2019, the app itself was born in January 2020 when work began. A brain-child of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Wes and Caleb are now ready to launch Liisto application to the world!

What makes the app cutting edge, is the timeliness. Colombia is an entrepreneurial country that has always offered “on-demand” services like pedicure/manicure, massage/therapy, and repair/handiwork, whenever needed. Now, post-covid with many commercial units being abandoned, many services are looking for ways to become more mobile and convenient.

Why You Should Be Using It

Life is for living, but in my experiences abroad, we often tend to get a little trapped within ourselves initially. Most tasks (in the beginning), are out of our comfort zone. Not all of us find friends immediately who tell us where to go for “x” essential, or non-essential item.

The beauty of Colombia, and most of South America though, is that you can still find technicians who know how to service old machines, radios and tv’s. This means that things are easier (and cheaper) to fix here, whereas in the US/Canada, we would simply go out and buy a new one. I have had shoes resoled, pants altered, and old sewing machines serviced.

Services like those available on Liisto can also help you save a lot of money, avoid legal headaches, or even find better quality.

“Liisto application initially rose out of necessity for getting things done on my farm during quarantine. Things that required external services, even some that required legal contracts.”

– Wes Madrigal, co-founder.

1. Convenience – Some of these expat services you won’t find even if you search for them, unless you already have a significant pool of contacts.
2. Reliability – Geolocation tracking is included, giving you peace of mind because the app will show whether they actually showed up, or not.
3. Legal Protection – Imagine the money you are saving in lawyer fees, or alternately in court costs by having built in legal support.

Available to Android or iOS, you can find it by searching “Liisto” in the app store. It is a free download.

Features & Enhancements

The viability of this app is in the sheer comprehensiveness of its features.

  • When you buy a service, you can rate your service so that people who deliver quality stand out.
  • Labor investments are securely protected by solid legal contracts for a minimal fee!
  • All service providers must pass a standard background check.
  • GPS Geolocation Tracking features ensures that helping hands arrive WHERE you need them.
  • Providers engage in bidding for the job.
  • User fees can be paid by credit card/debit, while you pay the service itself in cash upon delivery or completion.

Be sure to use the tracking code coffee20 on signup, to get your first legal contract & Liistero connection free!

How to Install, Set Up & Use Liisto

Available to Android or iOS, you can find it by searching “Liisto” in the app store. It is a free download.

Liisto Application

To register you will need to provide your cell phone number, username and email.

Next, you will post your work offer, received estimates from service providers and then schedule your service.

Finding services is easy – you can pick from a central list of service types, then post what you need.

After the job is finished, you pay, rate quality and Liisto! Expat services have never been this convenient.

If You Have a Service to Offer you register the same way, but a different path. Keep in mind, you can switch between buyer/seller modes quite easily.

Liisto Application

Liisto Application Support

Liisto Application

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