Liisto Application, Essential Expat Services in Colombia

The hardest transition for many foreign residents, can be finding the people you need, ensuring the work gets done, without being taken for a ride. Language barriers, employee culture and dishonesty has created a tricky legal environment for expats in Colombia who need to hire domestic services. For that we now have Liisto application! Now that more of a stay-at-home culture is being cultivated in Colombia, domicilio, or home delivery will continue to play a role in how we get things done. Mobility and convenience are now more important than ever! It’s important to distinguish that where other app’s reach consumers with products, Liisto application offers services to buyers. What if you had a way to offer/obtain services, without paying a lawyer, searching for someone you would actually trust, and then hoping they actually show up? Liisto Application, is a Colombian-based app developed by Americans – Wes and Caleb Madrigal, which provides excellent expat services with legal contracts without breaking the bank! Wes explained to us that the need for Liisto application was actually born from a desire to get things done on his farm outside of Manizales, Colombia. He wanted local labor without running the risk of being sued, … Continue reading Liisto Application, Essential Expat Services in Colombia