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For Sale in Manizales Colombia – Farm with Great Touristic Potential $217,000 USD

For Sale in Manizales Colombia – Farm with Great Touristic Potential $217,000 USD

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For a unique situation which will pay you back on your investment, this Farm For Sale in Manizales with Touristic Potential is a special place for touristic ambitions only 15 minutes from el Centro (downtown), Manizales in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Axis.

NOTE: This article was originally published a couple years ago – and the price has gone up! It is now 1,100,000,000 COP or around $350,000 USD.

For Sale in Manizales Colombia – a farm with touristic potential – Finca Madrigal

Comes with a mirador, or scenic overlook

It isn’t hard to imagine all the things you could do with a green space near the city with a wide sweeping view and more flat terrain than surrounding properties.

Currently planted in beans, coffee, plantain, bananas, yucca and assorted fruit trees. There are two springs which have been lab certified for potability and bottled water potential.

To the left is Chinchina, to the right is Palestina

Multiple grassy knolls, trees, a creek, guadua bamboo forest lend the terrain to glamping, special events, photography and birdwatching potential. Colombia has a tremendous biodiversity in flowers, exotic fruits, vegetables and anything else you can dream up to use to draw out this farms’ potential.

The entrance is a paved and brick driveway

With small modifications you can facilitate farm technology to maximize output or even create a touristic teleferico to transport tourists down to the creek and back up to the farm house, or even up the road.

Next to the house is an outdoor kiosk which can be used as a living room – dining room – event space

In addition to having an easy to secure gate which can be easily modified to become electronic, the farm has a video surveillance system.

There are 2 lookouts with roofs for rain protection

Biographic Information

  • Main house with 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, terrace
  • Caretaker house with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen
  • Two natural springs with potable water (yes it has been tested)
  • Close to nature areas (Eco Park Alcazares Arenillo/Chipre) for hiking, birdwatching and picnicking
  • Only 10-15 minutes by car/taxi from Chipre/el Centro
  • Road access with “huellas,” or concrete tire tracks to ensure traction
  • Back terrace with amazing view and hummingbirds
  • Kiosk for events, outdoor eating/living area
  • Mirador, or lookout built around a tree, with beautiful scenery
  • Super quiet/friendly/calm neighbors.
  • This is a self-sustaining farm, in other words the crop pay-off is higher than the yearly investment
  • Eco-hotel, or glamping possibilities
  • Large dog kennel for 3 to 4 animals
  • Coffee de-pulping machinery and installations
  • Covered drying patio for coffee
  • Tool shed
  • Half pipe skateboard feature

Farm Production

This is a diverse production model of business. Instead of only managing one crop, multiple varieties are planted. If the price of beans increases over time you sell more beans. If the price of coffee increases, you focus more on coffee. In any case, when one devalues, you may still turn a profit with the other.

All planted lots have labels for documentation purposes. Lote 3 is beans.

Crop varieties include coffee, plantains, bananas, yucca, beans, lemons, and squash or pumpkins. The biggest challenge facing the farm currently is a lack of hands working, and better or more efficient technology.

Water is a diminishing resource which will continue to gain value over time. This farm for sale in Manizales Colombia has two drinkable springs which can become a bottled water plant.


Farm For Sale in Manizales Colombia = 850 million COP (~ $217,000 USD)


10 minutes walking from the farm for sale in Manizales Colombia entrance you will find small corner tienda’s, (shops), fruteria (fruit veggie stand) and a kindergarden/daycare center. Only five minutes away by car in Barrio La Francia you will find restaurants and tiendas. 7 minutes by car in Barrio Alcazares you will find a panaderia (bakery), papelera (paper and copy shop), eco park with 3.9 km of walking paths.

for sale in manizales colombia
A view of Nevada del Ruiz from the front gate of the farm

15 minutes away by car or bus visitors can access Barro Chipre, a touristic sector with gastronomy, nightlife, coffee shops, and a national monument. The same distance is el Centro with the government offices, bars, dance academies, shopping, tool shops, supermarkets.

20 minutes by car is the Zona Rosa with shopping, fine dining, nightclubs, coffee shops, bakeries, sports facilities and more.

30 minutes by car is the gastronomy district of Manizales in Barrio Milan

40 minutes by car is La Nubia National Airport

About Manizales

Manizales is the capital of the Department of Caldas in Colombia’s coffee axis, near to the departments of Quindio, Caldas, and Risaralda, bordering Tolima, and Antioquia.

It is a small city with a population of 450,000 inhabitants. Manizales is known for academics, art, music, dance and ample green spaces. There are 5 eco parks in and around the city, and the nearby town of Villamaria. On clear days you can see Nevado del Ruiz, and Nevado de Santa Isabel.

Founded in 1849, Manizales was born of Arrieros, or mule teamsters and farmers who settled the region, the Paisa culture, milk and cheese production, some manufacturing, and a cool mountain climate.

Known as the Fabrica of Atardeceres, or the Sunset Factory, it is the University capital of Colombia, and the City of Open Doors.

Contact Information

To schedule a viewing of the finca for sale in Manizales Colombia email us at or via WhatsApp at +57 312 794 8245

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