About Me

About Me

Exploring the Coffee Region of Colombia

Come along with me and learn about my journey as an Open Minded Traveler, an American woman in Colombia. I will bring you into my world as a foreign resident, and coffee lover! Learn from my travel insights and lifestyle experiences.

Contact me: openmindedtravel@gmail.com

My Mission

The mission of Open Minded Traveler, is to tell edgy stories that beg to be read by adventurous women who are savvy travelers who value quality experiences, with a bit of action thrown in.

Come along as I bring to life the spirit of Kokopelli, as a traveler with a story to tell. Let’s break the boundaries of normal and find the confidence to experience a foreign lifestyle and travel in Colombia.

Together we will explore enchantingly exotic places in Colombia. Come with me as I tell the story of my life and travels in the Coffee Axis, with a little bit of creativity, and some open minded philosophies.

A Message to My Readers

On the go…

Open Minded Traveler is what allowed me to get my feet wet and experience the joy of writing on my own platform. It taught me how to run and admin a website with social media pages from zero to professional.

I’ve learned how to create and manage a web presence, and niche authority. Most importantly, it has taught me the art of creating good content and always placing bets that win an engaged audience.

Open Minded Traveler explores life and travel in Colombia,
then tells a story about it.

Going forward, I am now picking up the pace. After everything, I discovered that this site has built up a much bigger domain authority than I had originally expected – in a niche I never expected: Dating in Colombia.

Let’s go!

Erin Donaldson
Editor Traveler Writer | Open Minded Traveler.com

Come along with me as I discover Colombia and myself!