Erin Donaldson

In the spirit of Kokopelli I am telling the story of life as it happens – one day at a time. Be sure to follow and check out my content on Steemit too! https://steemit.com/@openmindedtravel

Come along with me on my journey as an Open Minded Traveler. On this blog I am going to bring you into my world as an expat, a single mom and a writer. Experience insights which will help you become a smarter traveler.

My Mission

The mission of Open Minded Traveler, is to tell a story about discovering new places and their culture. We will invoke your senses. We will bring to life the spirit of Kokopelli, a traveler with a story. We will transport our readers to a different world where we break the boundaries of normal and take lifestyle travel to a new level.

This blog is dedicated to the traveler who views the world through an open mind. This is for the Open Minded Traveler who goes and sees the reality of Colombia and similar places. Places which enchant us in our wanderings. In the spirit of Kokopelli (who inspired our logo), we work to tell the story of life and travels in Colombia through creativity, open minded philosophies and an artistic approach to blogging.

A Message to My Readers

As my first adventure in blogging, Open Minded Traveler is what allowed me to get my feet wet and experience the joy of writing. It taught me how to run and admin a website with social media pages. It has taught me how to create and manage a web presence and niche authority. Most importantly, it taught me the art of creating good web content.

2016 was a year of growth and self-discovery. I went through and created a brand, to fill a niche, that readers could recognize and relate to and it resulted in PereiraCityGuide.com, my sister site, or should I call it my child site?

Going forward with Open Minded Traveler we are moving slowly. This is a blog that explores the world and tells a story about it. Travelers are welcome to submit stories about experiences which changed, inspired or cultured you in a way that opened your mind up to new possibilities. mn

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself redirected quite a lot towards my main project Coffee Axis Travel, a fresh blog concept which is still in its infancy. It has been designed to encompass all my professional interactions and services for expats and travelers.

Join us as we gradually bring you new content and updates! We will be bringing you fresh, new content, travel perspectives and information about travel in Colombia, for travelers everywhere.

Let’s go!

Erin Donaldson
Editor Traveler Writer | Open Minded Traveler.com

Come along with us as we discover the world and ourselves!