Favorite Links

Favorite Links

I have a lot of love and kindness for several websites (and blogs) who I like.  I want to share them with you.  You will find not just variety of information, but also help me express my appreciation to those individuals who have supported my work, and whose work I also support. Enjoy!

My Favorite Links

Scarlet Jones’ Blog

Scarlet is the pen name of a very nice blogger friend of mine.  She is a strong woman with an adventurous heart and experiences to match.  This page follows her current experiences traveling Latin America and has great travel tips, stories and reviews to help you plan your trip too!  She says it best in her own words “Following a series of life changing events, Scarlet Jones  (a pseudonym) turned her back on her nine to five job, terminated the lease on her apartment and set off on an adventure.” Read More >> scarletjonestravels.com/

Richard McColl – Journalist – Author – Hotelier – Guide, in Colombia

This world traveler, is also a well-known and even acclaimed journalist who has specialized in reporting on the Colombian Armed Conflict. With over 10 years in Colombia, he has boots-on-the-ground experience with some of the most dangerous areas in Colombia for his reporting. Read his work in places like Matador, Washington Post, and of course his personal self-named blog. You will discover the culture of places like Bogota, his experience running a hotel in Mompos and interesting perspectives on life abroad via his podcast Colombia Calling. Read More >> richardmccoll.com

Stuart Oswald: An Expat Forging a Path in Colombia

In his own words: “I was born somewhere, and then grew up. Along the way I went to places, travelled and learned about important things. Then I lived in different cities and worked for different, famous and important people. Then I ended up where I am now.” This is the story of an amateur journalist who is carving out a place for himself currently in Colombia. Having traveled the world extensively, he has made Colombia home. He adds his voice to the world of Colombian tourism, life and culture – through his many projects and his passion for reporting the reality of this beautiful country. Read More >> stuartoswald.com

Nomadic Hustle | Adventure Travel & Lifestyle Design

Nomadic Jake is a fellow wanderer and entrepreneur here in Colombia. With prolific publishing he is carving out a place for himself in the expat wanderer world. You can learn about life abroad in Colombia, Jamaica, Haiti, Bolivia, Uruguay and more. To learn more about his travel adventure or design your own, check out his website here >>> https://www.nomadichustle.com

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Insurance

This is an excellent resource for anyone on the basics of travel insurance and why it’s important to have one during your travels. The guide also gives information on a typical policy and the type of cover travellers should know. You can also learn about the top reasons for buying travel insurance and know which six steps to keep in mind when choosing cover for your trip. Read More >> comparetravelinsurance.com.au/travel-insurance

Backpacking Travel Blog

From Volcano Climbing in Indonesia to Unique Festivals in Turkey this blog is a go-to source for couples backpacking adventures.  If you like my mommy blogs then you will love this page for it’s “couple” content with travel tips and reviews to help you and your other half get there!  Very well put-together site, they are a must for everyone who loves good travel stories. Read More >> backpacking-travel-blog.com/

I also wanted to add below a few backlinks to websites that have been helpful in driving traffic to my site and generally helping me get the word out that “Here I am, I exist”:

Expats Blog

Great directory to use if you want to find blogs for certain travel niches or areas around the world.  When I travel I look at blogs, travel booking sites and anything else that can give me the information I need. Read More >> expatsblog.com/

Travel Blog Directory

This site is supposed to be one of the most comprehensive directories of travel blogs on the internet today.  Has sites in chronological and geographic order to help you find whatever niche, name or area you want to read about. Read More >> everything-everywhere.com/travel-blog-directory/


A catch all for the money matters of life abroad.  Some of us will never have the resources to arbitrarily invest in overseas commodities. It’s good to follow these types of sites if you want to live overseas, to help you get an idea of how the money matters work for living abroad.  For example, one of the more obscure pieces of tax code which most Americans never even knew existed is the FATCA (sounds like FAT CAT right? The bureaucrat who wrote this definitely had a sense of humor).  If you live abroad you are required to file taxes and FATCA is the form that will keep you from having to pay taxes as long as your earnings are under $90,000 USD.  If you stumble into the overseas honeypot and exceed that, well by luck of your birth you must now pay two countries not just one. Read More >> iexpats.com/