When you didn’t think gluten free pancakes could possibly exist – especially in South America, here’s your Get-Out-Of-Gluten-Jail-FREE Card. Repeat after me: High in protein, low in sugar, full of flavor!

gluten free pancakes

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Sometimes the hardest part of life abroad is being able to eat the comfort foods you have always been accustomed to having at the tip of your fingers back home. Now, be it wine, spices, import foods like cajun/curry/hot sauce, Hagen Daas Coffee Ice Cream, okra, brussel sprouts, or Pancakes – find that one thing you can still have and embrace it. For me, it is pancakes/crepes. 

Come along and follow my footsteps as I help you to become a Pancake diva without losing your “healthy eating” card. By cooking gluten-free pancakes, you can replace some of your not-so-healthy habits.

Instead of a piece of cake (refined sugar, gluten and conventional oil), you could eat something similar, with raw honey instead of maple syrup (which is super expensive in Colombia).

The Ultimate Guide to Gluten Free Pancakes

gluten free pancakes
Kefir Pancakes

Come to a place that will give you beautiful fluffy pancakes that are super-healthy! Being guilt free never tasted better.

We will teach you how to work with gluten-free flour, especially the stronger tasting ones. Our secret is based on a local ingredient easily obtainable in the US, and Canada.

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I will even teach you all the tools and tricks necessary to continue cooking your pancakes, especially if you are living in Latin America! We have a special Spanish language guide to help you obtain some of the more unique ingredients at farmers markets and organic shops.

With recipes like cocoa crepes, kefir pancakes and Apple-Cinnamon Cottage Cheese Pancakes, gluten free pancakes are for you!

Are you drooling yet?

You should be.