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Adventures and Artifacts in Quinchia, Colombia


As I put my foot down in Quinchia, something in me shifted – it was meant to be, but only at the right time. My mind wandered back to the first time Carolina contacted me about an unheard of pueblo outside of Pereira which she thought I might be interested in. Read More >>

7 Best Insider Secrets at Hotel Movich Pereira



It was my pleasure to experience the luxury scene at Hotel Movich Pereira for the first time recently. I ate lunch, and had a night out with friends. Come along and learn some of the secrets to enjoying Pereira – in style! Discover gourmet cuisine, modern architecture and family fun!                  Read More >>

Equestrian Vacations in Colombia

Horse Travel

Colombia has a surprising amount of opportunity and advantages for equestrian vacations. Horses are a passion which started for me in childhood, adolescence and on through my college years. Read More >>

A Holistic Experience in Bogota



Brick, concrete, graffiti, fresh coffee and mountain views all come to mind when I think of Bogota, Colombia. It’s a city of danger with a side of excellent cuisine made fresh by Colombians who have traveled enough to know… What most visitors don’t consider is green spaces, farmers markets and meditation. Read More >>

Homesickness and Life Abroad

Lifestyle + Travel


I want to touch on a topic which has been very near and dear to my heart lately. Missing home when you have committed to moving abroad, and have been abroad long enough to feel anxious and stuck on your home place, your family and the friends you grew up with. That heart-sick feeling which settles into your gut and makes you feel that bloom of self-doubt. Read More >>

Paso Fino Colombiano and Horse Culture in Colombia


You are traveling and find a sign that says “Rent Horse or Tour by Horseback”? With images of your youth you eagerly pay the fee. Then you realize that your horse is quite safe. Literally. He might die on the trail but at least he won’t buck you off. Which is great! Unless you are an equestrian enthusiast a.k.a. “Horse Crazy!” Come along with us as we take you inside the world of the Paso Fino Colombiano, also known as the Caballo Criollo Colombiano (translated as Native Colombian Horse). Read More >>

Reserva Cauquitá an Eco-Adventure in Pereira, Colombia

From under the yellow/green striped Guadua trees, I could see the sun peeking playfully through the redolent greenery that surrounded me at Reserva Cauquitá.   I breathed in the deep rich smells of the forest and listened to the eager chirping of birds and the rhythm of crickets and tree frogs.  Daniel squirms until I let him down to poke and touch the leave strewn carpet of the forest trail we had… Read More >>

Expert Roundup: What are the Best Secrets for Living, Working or Traveling in Colombia?

Coming to Colombia for me has been such an adventure.  I came with an open mind, and an open heart.  Things worked out.  That isn’t always the case, but when it is, it’s extra special. Here I have gathered the input of other writers, bloggers, photographers and even journalists who are helping to tell the story of Colombia. If you asked me today whether Colombia is safe, or Zika, or anything like that my answer is to go and Read More >>

What is the Weather and Climate like in Colombia’s Coffee Region?

Obviously, like many countries around the world, we can’t identify Colombia as one climate. Instead, we must focus on the concept of Micro-climates, or climates that are based on altitude. Especially since we don’t receive 4 seasons and only 2, or maybe only 1 with rare exceptions. Read about the weather in Pereira Learn more>>>

Life in The Coffee Axis of Colombia | Lifestyle

Like the steamy fragrance and happy bubbly sound of a good cup of coffee being made in the morning, this story has been brewing in my imagination for a while.  What is life REALLY like, in the Coffee Axis?  The good, the great and the pain-in-the-ass realities of life abroad are all part of the expat experience.  For me Life in the Coffee Axis of Colombia, started as a curiosity, turned into a fantasy, and is now my reality.  I never thought I would stay here, much less settle down and start a family! Read More >>

5 Reasons Colombians are Happy, All The Time

There is a strange phenomena in Colombia that outsiders have a hard time wrapping their heads around.  That the Colombian people as a whole are, drumroll please…..They’re mostly happy! In a country that has seen over 50 years of conflict, and displaced more than 5 million of her citizens, there seems to be a happiness.  Like a candid appreciation for the moment, everywhere. Read More >>

 Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Life in Colombia | Lifestyle

Life abroad is a unique investigation of how the rest of the world gets by day to day. Sometimes we find out that life is different in other countries and sometimes better. Being open minded becomes much more important in these situations. And, not all of us react as gracefully as we wish we had. So, we live and we learn. Here is my top 10 list of the most annoying things about life in Colombia. Read More >>