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Tropical Christmas Special Edition: Creamy Delicious Iced Coffee

Tropical Christmas Special Edition: Creamy Delicious Iced Coffee

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Fact: People eat more ice cream in winter.  Even when it’s snowing.  It sounds weird but many people are more likely to curl up on the couch with a pint in cold weather.  Why you are going to be excited: This recipe is just the thing to put a tropical splash in your Christmas cheer.   I also hope it gives you that one last burst of energy so you can survive the holiday stress which comes with entertaining family, being stuck having to work, or to wake you up from that midnight service you may have attended.  If you love iced coffee drinks and Frappuccino’s, but you want to cut down on sugar, try this!

Note: I did not add ice or ice cream to this drink.  Personally I like stuff slightly chilled and I am too lazy to make ice.  However, I recommend adding a couple ice cubes to the glass before you pour your drink into it.

Creamy Iced Coffee


Instructions:    Add all ingredients to blender, blend and enjoy.  It just can’t get any simpler than that!


What is that lovely flour in the background? I’m so glad you asked!  Nature gifted me with a beautiful blooming orchid for Christmas, it’s common name is Coelogyne lawrenceana.  The two petals which are supposed to be shooting out to the side like a star are a bit sad, I accidentally dropped it the other day trying to show little Daniel the pretty flower.


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