Press Kit

Press Kit

Open Minded Traveler, is a way of exploring…

…with an open mind that can imagine new ideas and even grasp strange concepts, and take them to press.

Life is an adventure.  Writing should be no different.

Connect with someone who is open to your vibe,

and willing to discover your desires in regards to the project.

Current Projects

All things Open Minded Traveler – creating new travel/adventure/tourism content, and working with new clients. Expect to see more video content too!

Regional perspective, coffee, expat lifestyles, information and people of interest.

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In The Press

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Books & Publications

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Pancake GuideErin Donaldson

Colombia For Women: Tales of Life, Love and Adventure in the Coffee Axis – Erin Donaldson

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Press Kit

Our Quality Comittment is Personalized for YOU

1. CONSISTENCY: The workflow never stops!  We have proven to our clients again and again that we fulfill our promises and deliver projects on or prior to the due date, whatever it takes.  We will always strive to ensure that projects are completed to our customers satisfaction.

2. QUALITY: We don’t make information up. Quality assurance is a part of our editing to ensure that we are giving our customers the best outcomes possible.

3. EXPERIENCE: More than 7 years of experience as a commercial influencer, and blogger.  Experience with eBook copy and creation.  5+ years Social Media management including graphic design according to various social media specs.  Strong points in blogging, editing and article writing.  I enjoy researching topics and I relish finding new approaches to sharing and creating information.

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