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A Personal Musing | Peace in Colombia, Is this real?

A Personal Musing | Peace in Colombia, Is this real?

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The moment has come – almost. Peace in Colombia is finally starting to become a real thing. According to some, it is only a gloss veneer of political maneuvering. For others, it is the final resolution of the war that maybe has killed a father, brother or uncle.

Peace in Colombia, is This it?

Today, leaders of the Latin world, Colombia, FARC and the UN leadership, signed a peace accord in Havana, Cuba.  In a place with such a turbulent history, a deal was signed that affects the future of 46 million residents of Colombia.  Emotions in general are running a bit high in Colombia.  Protesting and strikes are still in action across Colombia. Copa Americana 2016, the ultimate distraction, has the Colombian people on the edge of their seats.  Up until last night at least. The question on our lips regarding Peace in Colombia is this: “Will it be for real?”  Interesting times.

Interesting Times to Be in Colombia

The open minded traveler is a storyteller, a bard and sometimes a hero, occasionally the villain. I am charged with the responsibility of gathering stories, and telling them. Can’t guarantee that they will always be loved.

It is a very interesting time to be in Colombia. Here in the capital of the Coffee Axis, Pereira, there is a pulse pounding below the surface.  Zona Franca’s (tax free zones) have been declared, and major building projects and agreements are being negotiated behind closed doors.

On a national level, Colombia is riding the positive energy left behind by “Colombia: Magia Salvaje” and “En Los Brazos Del Serpiente” and of realizing the natural beauty and treasures which is their inheritance. They are also learning to fight for those national treasure too!

The tourism economy is seeing an upswell of start-ups and plans are being made.  Is something big coming?  Major multinational corporations are poised with their earth knives in the air, to create black oily bruises on the face of Colombia’s natural beauty.  Emotions are running a bit high around here. And, the final terms of Peace in Colombia are being negotiated.

Where do the storytellers fit in?

We are here to witness.  I always find myself reluctant to comment too deeply on a country in which I am a stranger.  There is a certain respect which must be maintained by the Open Minded Traveler.  Of my own country, I feel very deeply and passionately, a driving factor behind my decision to leave for South America.  In Colombia, I can stay more neutral and witness the making of history.

Storytellers, also known as bloggers, journalists, novelists and conversationalists, are all here to witness.  Each with our own personal take on the situation, objectivity be damned.  It’s a precarious position to be in, balance being necessary.  We are visitors and residents in a strange land.  Our observations are filtered through our own cultural conditioning, and sometimes things get crazy.

Regardless, it is a very interesting time to be in Colombia – watching from a front row seat.  I look forward to the opinions and comments of my colleagues in the blog/newspaper/Facebook forum world of Colombia.  Let’s see what our foreign and national eyes will perceive, process and create output from as we watch the big reveal, of Peace in Colombia.

BUT, Will There Actually Be Peace In Colombia?

This story is being written prior to reading the reactions of my colleagues.  I don’t want my own emotions/feelings/thoughts to become sidetracked or changed yet, by others notions.  I am enough of a realist to perceive that the gloss of peace will hide many wrongs which are yet to be done.  In some places business will continue as usual while others surely embrace change.  Yet, I am idealistic enough to actually hope that as the more appealing parts of the peace agreement will come to pass.

This is a new opportunity for the people of Colombia to claim their potential place in the world, whatever that may be.  It would be rude and terribly irresponsible to comment too much more strongly on this situation without hitting the street and interviewing the most important witness: observers, the Colombian people, and people who were involved in the action.

The actions of Colombia’s leaders in the days and months to come will be observed closely.

Let us watch and see what happens.  Observe how the “experts” report the facts.   I hope que la gente (that the people) will opt to believe the ones who present the most credible case, with a generous dose of common sense.  I am not against the peace agreement, I support it wholly.  But, corruption runs deep, and loyalties change on a daily basis.

These are very interesting times to be in Colombia as a blogger/writer/amateur journalist.   I hope to keep observing and bringing you more articles to help reveal the nuances of open minded traveler, and the world of travel happening every day all around us.  After all, life is a journey.

Happy Travels.Open Minded Traveler Official

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