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Guest Post | 11 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka

Guest Post | 11 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka


Just like their native spices, a honeymoon in Sri Lanka has many flavors by way of culture, natural beauty, and warm beautiful people that the trip and the experience is a once in a lifetime experience. Visitors will find some of the best hotels for romance. There is something for every couple, regardless of preference. Visitors will discover beaches, hills, cultural extravaganzas, adventure, luxury, and serenity that provides the ideal settings for your most intimate moments.

This is a guest post from Carolette Alcoran, the owner of, a Freelance Content Writer & Digital Nomad from the Philippines. She writes on a wide range of topics and has worked with startups, corporations, and individuals globally.

11 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka

#1 | Bentota
Bentota is a river that merges with the sea and forms a breathtaking lagoon only 82 kilometers from Colombo. This stunning beach adorned with palm fringes, gives you much-needed privacy in nature’s lap. If you are an adventure lover, there are activities to indulge in with your partner, such as snorkeling, sailing, diving or canoeing. You won’t have a better opportunity to get closer to nature together while soaking up the majestic landscapes.

#2 | Mirissa
This crescent-shaped  and secluded beach offers the silence that newlyweds often look for. A cozy beach hut, an afternoon spent tanning or swimming, and oodles of time to spend with each other. It is a honeymoon dream come true. As the waves kiss the shores and the gentle breeze nourishes your soul, the peace is amazing.  Laze around on the beaches with not even a soul in sight to disturb the intimate moments that you long to share.  This, one-of-a-kind destination, is a short three-hour drive from Colombo.

#3 | Tangalle
Tangalle has a unique proposition to offer visitors. On the west of Tangalle, are some of the best hotels and villas to be found. On the east, are beautiful mangrove-lined lagoons and smooth sandy beaches. The blue of the sea is sure to make you feel like proposing to your beloved all over again. Giant turtles often can be spotted coming ashore at night on the beaches of both Rekawa and Kahandamodara.

Trincomalee Sri Lanka

#4 | Trincomalee
One of the most striking sights in Trincomalee, is the experience of being able to see deer and local wildlife roaming freely in the local environment. The beaches (Uppuveli and Nilaveli), are ideal for a quiet hand-in-hand walk with the music the sea to guide you. Visit pigeon island, featuring white sandy beach, rock pigeon breeding grounds, and even shark sightings. You should also visit the hot springs of Kanniya while you are in the area.

#5 | Ella
A perfect atmosphere to find romance, visitors will see cloudy skies, at times heavenly sunsets that illuminate the beautiful tea plantations, and jungle canopies. Immerse yourself in cozy comfort at Ella. Walk hand in hand through the tea plantations to Little Adam’s Peak for some mesmerizing views. You can visit this place throughout the year and find great weather and magical experiences.

Beautiful mountain views await you in Nuwaya.

#6 | Nuwara Eliya
Also known as Little England, the toy-town ambiance carries the feeling of a British country village. If you are up to it, hike out to enjoy some misty mountains and light rain, don’t miss out on it. Treks, hikes and visits to waterfalls like Lover’s Leap Fall, Laksapana Falls, Rawana falls are sure to make your experiences memorable. Visitors will find ample photo opportunities that you will treasure for life.

Visitors can visit swampy vistas in Yala. 

#7 | Yala
For those couples who love nature and are a bit wild at heart, we welcome you to the land of the leopard. Yala boasts the highest leopard population density in the world. Literally, visitors will “spot” them everywhere (pun intended!). For adventurous wild romance, Yala is amongst the most offbeat and reported as being one of the best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka.

#8 | Habarana
Intimacy, nature, fun, adventure and romance, comes in a single cup, Habarana. In addition to fun-filled jungle safaris, visitors can explore the villages in a bullock cart, it only seats two! Go kayaking or fly in a hot air balloon over the Minneriya National Park.

#9 | Sinharaja
For the ardent nature lover duo, it can’t get better than this. Sinharaja Rain Forest, a World Heritage Site for its biodiversity, is a great place for honeymoons in Sri Lanka. It was made for people who are environmentalists at heart. Visitors can indulge in bird watching –from aquatic to migratory and many exotic indigenous species.


#10 | Kandy
Capture the real flavors of the culture of Sri Lanka, at Kandy. Don’t miss the unique shopping experience either.  Be sure to visit the Temple of the Tooth. Get close and personal with elephants, at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Watch traditional dance performances at the Kandyan Cultural Centre.

#11 | Anuradhapura
For newlyweds who love mystique, head for Anuradhapura, the sacred city. The city now lies in ruins, which in and of themselves, are majestic in their beauty. Take your pick of eight major palaces, several monasteries, and the monuments. See the Maha Bodhi Tree, said to be the world’s oldest living tree.


This is a guest post from Carolette Alcoran, the owner of, a Freelance Content Writer & Digital Nomad from the Philippines. She writes on a wide range of topics and has worked with startups, corporations, and individuals globally.

As a honeymoon destination visitors will enjoy good weather, great food, great hotels in Sri Lanka. There are ample opportunities for both relaxation and exploration. We hope visitors will find it to be an exotic travel experience. Travel around the island is increasingly straightforward thanks to new roads, a comprehensive train and bus network and the local seaplane services, not to mention the domestic air taxi line Cinnamon Air.

Visitors will find that each destination is exotic, and the experiences are especially designed to welcome newlywed, or even anniversary couples.

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