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The most exciting part of an online presence, is realizing you have an online presence.  It is even more exciting to watch it develop and grow.  I am actually a year late on making this happen however someone once said “better late than never.”  Here I am a day late and a dollar short!  My dad always said that.

The formation and development of an online presence is a mystery for those of us who are beginners.  Just to start a blog is overwhelming due to the overabundance of choices, options, color schemes, hosting services, domain registration and word press themes.  Then the small shaft of light at the end of the tunnel appears and gradually the pieces fall into place, or maybe you stumble across the pieces like a drunken barmaid and then they fall into place.  Either way it beats the alternative which is stumbling around hopelessly praying that someday someone gives you advice.  Well my prayer was answered and now you see a blog in front of you that I am starting to feel quite proud of.  I have a lot of work ahead of me in the months ahead to try to further unravel the riddles of SEO and Word Press.  I have time.  Or I will soon anyways.  One of the great parts of traveling abroad is living alone….out of reach of your mother.  Bless her heart she is a wonderful mother, however thanks to American culture we have been taught that the older you get the more annoying it is to be living at home.  Unless of course that is part of your so called career.  Poor hippies who travel around and teach English will find themselves stuck at home with the family at least once or twice.  It really is a vital part of our so-called careers.  Preferably once, but probably at least twice you will feel the need to go home and visit (a.k.a. save up for the next adventure).   In 6 weeks I leave for Peru and here is my blog, my presence, my soapbox for anyone and everyone who is willing to listen!Overwhelmed

In the months to come I hope to shower my eager salivating audiences with experiences ranging from mundane to the extreme.  Starting in February I will once again travel out into the world and attempt to leave my stamp on it.  I have high hopes of showing you my experiences through pictures, videos and stories.  My desire is to bring together my own creative ideas and inspire others.  If all I do is succeed in pulling a few giggles and laughs out of the (soon to be accumulated) masses of my loyal blog readers then I can die happy.  As someone else once told me (and I now tell others): “if I can’t dazzle them with my brilliance, then I will baffle them with my bullshit!”

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