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Day 1-2 Reno Winter Bachata Festival

Day 1-2 Reno Winter Bachata Festival


Some of the best Latin dancers in the world and their loyal fans have all gathered in Reno, Nevada USA; January 2-6 for the 2nd annual Winter Bachata Festival. And living on a teachers salary means I get to work behind the scenes to earn my participation. So for the next couple days I’ll try to upload some pictures and video of this amazing event so that my hoard of fans (I know you are out there) can experience this great event first hand!!
The best way to pass time when home visiting for extended periods of time is to pick up a new hobby. Mine: Latin dance! My involvement with this beautiful activity has turned into so much more than just killing time. I’ve come to know an amazing group of people through my dance lessons with Salsa Reno.  BB and KiKi aren’t just great teachers, they are great people and by putting on this festival they are bringing together all these big names and giving us the chance to learn from them. Am I advertising? You better believe it, thats what friends do when they are spilling over the top with good ideas and experiences.
So things are as of yet still getting going, last night was the welcome party. Today is the start of the workshops. The theme was black light and we were treated to a lesson by Troy and Jorget, followed by a performance of Te Extrano along with performances by the Gózalo Dance Company. Troy was funny and skilled at explaining the dance moves, complemented and assisted by his beautiful wife/partner, Jorget. It was an epic night in the dance world. Last year they filmed this video which garnered over 46,000,000 hits on YouTube. Perhaps the video from last night will be worth just as much, hope this tells you just how big a deal this truly is!
Its going to be a great weekend so stay tuned and put on your dancing shoes and stay tuned for more of my experiences!!!

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