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New Years in Fernley, Nv

New Years in Fernley, Nv


Nothing rings in the new year better than a house party with a live band and a good group of country people having fun!! I took a break from the glitz and glamour of the Reno salsa dance scene to go back to my country roots and spend time with old friends.
Getting there took nothing less than a truck with 4-wheel drive, but that is how these places stay well kept secrets. The people gathered there were cowboy fast draw shooters, Cali folks from the bay, a few college kids, a couple bikers, a bunch of good country folk and a whole lot of cheer and spirit. There was food, dancing and experiences shared that will be talked about for days!! I watched one old timer jump up with a wiggle and a shout as he commenced to dancing around in a funny way. Everybody posed on the mini bike. And later we took to the hot tub in 10 degree weather.
As the new year dawned we toasted the friendships that had brought us all together! On a more sober note amidst the revelry I also stopped to hope and ponder the possibilities of this new year. I hope this next year brings in a greater consciousness. I hope I find the success and happiness I am seeking by moving abroad once again to teach English. And most of all I hope I find that thing that I am looking for in my travels… What is “that thing,” you might ask? It’s what we are all looking for: love, laughter, a good life and friendship!!

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