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Countdown to Adventure!

Countdown to Adventure!

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Only 4 more weeks until I once more bid all my family and loved ones goodbye again for another yet undetermined period of absence. The hardest part of the wandering life is leaving and returning. When we leave, all of our friends and family engage in a battle of push pull. Usually they are happy for me to leave but sad to say goodbye. It is not uncommon for the people around us to experience emotions of sadness, anger or to just keep their distance. When I return I have to go through the stress of readjusting….finding a new job, transportation, reestablishing friendships etc. Tourists don’t get to claim the same thing because their absence is short and their return is not a surprise or a challenge of survival.  More than anything I am ready for a new cultural experience, a grand adventure in a foreign country of my choosing.
There are also a few socio/political/economic factors for my latest adventure, or string of adventures since I was in Brazil for 6 months last year.   I do not want to burden my blog or my readers with an endless stream of political commentary and social rhetoric, except to point out a few things. I see a lot of hatred and lack of cooperation among my fellow Americans. This is very saddening and it hurts my heart to hear the jokes and slurs even in my own family about right versus left, black versus white and rich versus poor. I hope that as I leave for what will be an extended period of time, that my countrymen can find their hearts and free their souls from this vicious cycle of hate and anger we have become accustomed to. We are at a crossroads here in America and our actions at this moment are going to dictate events for many years to come. It is my deepest desire that I can come back someday to a country that has remembered how to love and be at peace. To stop our imperialistic war mongering and focus on building our own people up instead of taking down the sons and daughters of others. To stop looking at our differences and start seeing our similarities. Lastly it is my dream that someday this formerly great country will give us back our natural freedoms and rights. If not then I am afraid that I do not have much to return to….and I must embark on my next Open Minded Adventure!!

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