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Colombia For Women Travel Book Official Launch

Colombia For Women Travel Book Official Launch

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In my comings and goings I meet lots of interesting people.  Incidentally I have done some interesting things.  If I had a penny for every time someone told me I should write a book about it I would not be writing a book cause I would already have retired to a farm in the jungle and lived happily ever after.  So as a blogger/writer/mother with bills, I finally followed their advice.  This book is a collection of stories from my blog that have been fleshed out to include a greater scope, more personal details, valuable tips for travel and full color pictures.  In this book I comment, laugh, cry and vent on my experience as an expat living in Colombia.  My travels, ideas and stories will paint a picture in exotic Technicolor.

Here is the best way to join me on my Colombian Life & Adventure:

  1. Watch this YouTube video preview:

2. Now Click, on this link to go to the amazon store or this link to go to the publishers website and buy for your favorite electronic device.

3. Please be sure to leave feedback! Your reviews are very important, and they can help me improve too!

4. Once you have joined me on my adventure feel free to comment, start your own adventure or just wait in nail-biting anticipation for my next book, a story about growing up in the jungles of El Choco, Colombia!

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