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An Expat in a Changing World

An Expat in a Changing World

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There is an ancient Chinese curse that says “May your life be interesting…” and in some ways that can be poignantly true. Some other guy even said “ignorance is bliss” while another one was trying to convince us that “knowledge is power.”. In the changing world of today “beggars can’t be choosers” and “ignorance is no excuse”. So what exactly am I alluding to?

A Bad Romance
Any time the US talks about peace or transparency these days my advice is to check one way airline ticket prices….to anywhere but the land of stars and stripes. Mr. President has decided to spread some peace towards Syria, those poor bastards. So now the oppressive “rebel forces” might get better guns to kill more children and women per minute. Maybe we can call a bookie and place a bet…

They Don’t Really Care About Us
Michael Jackson tried to tell it like it was when he visited Brazil and got with Olodum to make world changing music. He used his magical feet to tap out some beats & suave dance moves in the favelas of Rio with fervent police teasing in the streets of Pelourinho a barrio (or neighborhood) of Salvador.
So Dilma, you knew what he was talking about when you hiked the price of bus tickets!! Well “O Gigante” is on his feet and the people are two caipirinhas short of a full blown revolution so I suggest you get real and find a way to balance the costs of World Cup with the social, economic and educational needs of your people. Having lived in Brazil doesnt make me an expert but if O Presidente can carry out a rip off this big the least I can do is express my “saudades” and support for the people of that beautiful country. They deserve better!

Time to talk Turkey
My brothers have both traveled to Turkey. For one of my brothers it was his second time. They love it! They each gained 5 pounds because of the eating tradition there….if they say eat, you eat. If they say eat more, you say “how much”. This was not a problem for two teenage boys who enjoy good food. They both had a fabulous time, bought some nice things and anticipate future visits.
Turkey has also seen its share of protestation and upheaval this year also. We live in a changing world and people are waking up to the truths and realities of the world around them. Will you be next?

A Citizen of the World
So what is my stance on this? I will start by clarifying what I am NOT. I am not a democrat or a republican. I do NOT wear a cape and sit on my roof at night. I am NOT a leftist, a liberal, a conservative or a green party activist. I do NOT claim superiority based on my country of birth or the language(s) I speak. I am simply a person who craves freedom, respects personal choice, works hard, refuses to tolerate bigots or assholes. I want good prosperous lives for myself and everyone else regardless of race, religion or sexual preference. I support the right of my readers to agree or disagree with me and have a different opinion.
So don’t worry about whether your vote counts, just be happy that other options exist for those who are brave enough to step up to the plate and take on the challenge!!


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