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The 8 Top Talents of Travel Bloggers

The 8 Top Talents of Travel Bloggers


There are thousands of travel blogs on the web. It’s one of the most popular niches for blog writing after beauty and fashion, health and fitness,  and food and drink.

Some bloggers do it full-time and make a living out of it. Some do it part-time. Some just do it for the love of sharing their experiences with others. Some bloggers are digital nomads travelling on their own or with a partner. Some, like me, have a home base but travel as frequently as they can.

With two million blog articles being published on the web every day, it’s no wonder that more and more people are thinking of taking up travel blogging.

But taking a trip to blog about it is different to taking a vacation. You’ll probably end up bringing more gear than on other trips. There will be more gadgets like cameras, lenses, and perhaps even a laptop. There will more clothes to pack, given that you need to look good in your own photos.

You’ll need to have the right luggage for the trip for more than showing your friends that you are a classy traveler. Practical solutions are also important. Fortunately there are plenty of online catalogs like Luggage Direct available where you can find all the latest travel accessories.

8 Top Talents of Travel Bloggers

Before you decide to take your travels to a whole new level, consider the top talents of successful bloggers, and see how many you meet.

Being able to multitask well.

I love to bake!

No, this isn’t about shifting from one social media update to another (but that can be one, too) or being able to take videos while also taking photos.

It’s about being able to both enjoy the experience of being in a new place or having a new experience, at the same time as observing and absorbing all the information needed to write a travel blog.

The nicer the place is and the more enjoyable the experience, the harder it is to do that. Sometimes a destination can be such a stunner, the blogger simply wants to immerse him or herself in it, and not think about writing about it.

Paying close attention to details.

Travel Blogger article #2

Other than the blogger’s own experiences, some of the key points that readers will look for in a blog post is the itinerary and other nitty-gritty information that can help them with their own visit. It’s the job of a travel blogger to provide these details to readers so that they can decide whether that destination is one that they want to visit too. A detailed blog post helps other people plan their own travels while bringing more traffic to the blog. More traffic equals higher credibility, and higher credibility equates to more opportunities.

Having the courage to talk to people.

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Travel bloggers need to be extroverts that are comfortable talking to locals. This is the only way that new information can be obtained to differentiate one blog from another and help to establish a niche presence.

A blog that contains ‘inside’ information from local sources will always maintain readers better than one that is rehashing information that is already available on hundreds of other blogs.

Top bloggers will always ask about local stories, folklore, traditions, and other key points that make that place unique.

Finding different angles other than what’s obvious.

Travel Blogger article #4

Any given place can hold secrets that not many others can unearth. Most successful bloggers are always looking for opportunities to hone their skills,  find a different story and different photo angles of a certain location.

It’s another way by which employ the Top Talents of Travel Bloggers to make their blogs stand out from the others. Obscurity is yours, if you stay in the same place always.

There is a need to give blog posts some twists once in a while. This can be done by adding trivias, behind-the-scene stories, or personal hacks that the blogger tried or experienced during the visit. This is a way to give posts an edge over others.

Finding the right photos to complement the stories.

Copy of Travel Blogger article #4 

The best bloggers take great photos and use these to highlight the key attractions of a destination.

Sometimes a rainy day may necessitate the use of stock photos, but the most successful bloggers use their own. Photos should convey the atmosphere of a place whilst the stories should describe the experiences.

The quality of the images accompanying blog posts says a lot about the quality of the blog overall. The more professional the photographs are, the more professional the blog will feel to readers.

Going beyond just promoting a place.

Travel Blogger article #5-2

Travel bloggers often get the chance to take a free trip or experience, and that’s fine provided the reviews are honest reviews. But the best travel bloggers will go beyond promoting the beauty of a place or the what-to-do’s of a region, and talk about other important things like cultural respect and responsible traveling.

Try taking notes on what may be regarded as offensive or off-putting at a particular destination. Things which readers might not know about help to provide useful information for your post.

As an example: Talking about sustainable travel practices, especially for locations such as untouched islands or mountain hiking, is an example of filling out my particular niche to find a certain traveler profile.

Being personal not promotional.

Travel Blogger article #6-2

Talents of Travel Bloggers include not trying to hard-sell destinations. Tell your stories as if you are talking to a friend or a family member. People are browsing blogs now to have a grasp of actual experiences and not just to gain information that they can find on a myriad of other websites.

Good travel blogging is sharing experiences in such a way that readers can relate to it and is helpful in planning their own travels.

Continuing to reach for new goals. 

Travel Blogger article #7

Top Talents of Travel Bloggers are no longer exclusive to a selected few. Anyone can create a blog in just a few simple steps but there is one thing that is exclusive to only a few people – success. Becoming a successful travel blogger is a hard slog.

Like a long distance runner, the finish line is always a long way off. The only way to get there is to keep going, however hard the journey may feel at times.

Travel bloggers that aspire to success have to continue working on their craft, improving as they go along, and keep discovering new places while telling the rest of the world about it.

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  1. Randè EnRoute
    February 19, 2018 at 10:09 am

    This article is so good to read. You had stated almost what a real traveler does. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michela of Rocky Travel Blog
    February 19, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Great Post. I agree when you say that a successful travel blogger must observe, learn and convey those special traits of a place and culture that others miss or oversee. In my opinion talended bloggers are like artists, who share their stories, inspirie through experiences and willing to improve themselves along the way.

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