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Drinking with Irish Men in Cartagena a.k.a. 6 Things I learned about the Irish

Drinking with Irish Men in Cartagena a.k.a. 6 Things I learned about the Irish

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One of my most memorable evenings on my trip to Cartagena was sitting around playing drinking games with 3 Irish men (Peter, Peter and Sean) and one Irish lass (Kiera).  I have always been enchanted by the culture, art (see any picture of my tattoos), music and history.  My mother also happens to be Irish-Italian and my given name is, you guessed it- Irish.  I really need to take a trip out there.  Yet, it reminds me of the many Colombian Irish stories. Was Gabo an Irishman?  Mad Outta Me Head

So I met this cheery 4 some at my Hostal, they taught me how to play a drinking game called “Pick Up 2” and then invited me to join in on the international favorite of “Kings.”  Don’t worry, my booze of choice was water….but alcohol wasn’t needed to thoroughly enjoy myself.

Here is the short list of interesting things I learned from the experience:

  1. 6 counties in Northern Ireland are still part of England, and they are bummed about it.
  2. Rabies IS fatal.
  3. They really do sing and chant while drinking.
  4. Their humor and spirit is infectious!!
  5. They like to say their ‘s’ as ‘sh’
  6. They say ‘heart’ as ‘haaat’

I hope all Irishmen (and women) are as humorous and good natured as this group.  They really made my evening because of their willingness to include me (the pregnant water drinker) and share their smiles and laughter with someone who at this point in her journey was starting to feel a bit lonely and lacking for social attention.  I wish I had more to write but I had to give this short but funny story a special place on my website.  These are the types of experiences that make travel special and unique.  The companionship and culture gained by staying at hostels is unmatched.  Try it!


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    October 9, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Excelente cubrimiento espero que subas las fotos muy pronto, y bienvenidos a Colombia señores y señoras de Irlanda.

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