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Lucerna Review: Swiss European Style Bakery and Restaurant

Lucerna Review: Swiss European Style Bakery and Restaurant


It is very rare in the modern world of today to find businesses as ethical and environmentally friendly as Lucerna. More than just a restaurant Lucerna is also a bakery, pastry shop, family style restaurant and most of all a model of ethical and sustainable business.  In a discussion with the General Manager – Hans Peter I discovered that they are approaching sustainability from every possible angle while also keeping the business model productive.  Here area  few of their initiatives and improvements:
To raise the initiative to recycle and reduce paper waste Lucerna uses the profits from recycling to buy nice Christmas gifts for the employees children. To ensure quality the water is tested and purchased from clean sources such as the famous or hot-springs located nearby in Santa Rosa.  To sustain quality and repeat business the ingredients used in the manufactured foods are fresh, safe and high quality with avoidance of GMOs while also maintaining affordable prices. Additionally one of their most famous candies the Turrone, is used by the Colombian Army out in the field as a nutricious calorie/energy boost which contains ingredients which are 100% natural.

Lucerna is a one-of-a-kind place with delicious food and friendly staff: English speakers available to assist travelers. Their pastries are rich with or without sugar. The meal options range from American to European dishes with good portion sizes. Catering is available as well as meeting/banquet facilities.


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