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International Travel TV Show Opportunity in Colombia

International Travel TV Show Opportunity in Colombia

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Joe is a show producer looking for expats who are new arrivals in Colombia.  Preferably who haven’t been here for more than two years.  He will be in Colombia filming an international travel show (I’m not allowed to spill the beans on the name so you’ll have to just email him yourself).  If you live in a house, finca or apartment and you are interested email Joe:        This is a cool opportunity.  Must speak English and be from another country.

This has been a really exciting year so far.  In late December and early January my mom flew down to meet her grandson and get her first taste of Colombia.  She loved it so much she is now dreaming of retiring to her own slice of jungle paradise.  Her trip was lovely, we went to Salento to visit the artisan shops, visited a private eco-forest reserve and did lots of spa time.  She also got me motivated to finish my eBook which is being published as of the writing of this post.

Today I published my eBook but it was a terrible day for overall productivity because the internet went down and I was unable to do anything but hang out and read a book.  Ok that’s not so bad!  When the internet came back I had an email in my inbox from a Joe in New York asking me to call him about a travel show.  Then my day got interesting!  It’s pretty exciting that people are discovering my blog.  This is the second time I have been contacted about shows coming to Colombia.  The thing is that Colombia is growing up.  It’s becoming the new kid on the block for expat destinations and for business opportunities.  Who knows what the rest of the year will bring, whatever it is it will be worth seeing and doing.  Maybe I’ll even get my 15 minutes of fame.  Like the Dr. Seuss Poem “Fame, you’ll be famous, as famous can be.  With the whole world watching you win on TV!”  Even if I don’t make it onto the show, I wish all my fellow expats the best of luck.  What helps one of us helps all of us by bringing positive recognition and opportunity to a country we have all fallen in love with!




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