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Buying a Little House in the Rainforest Pueblo!

Buying a Little House in the Rainforest Pueblo!

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About the time you turn 30 (for me this will be happening in August), your need to put down roots, have an impact and basically exist beyond Facebook and Twitter.  Some of us start having families (like I did when my baby was born back in November), others buy their first home and some just hang out til the age of 40.  If you decided to hang out for another decade that it your prerogative and totally ok!  But if your bio-clock is buzzing, you get knocked up (like I did) or you decide to invest in “something” then this is the story for you!

We have all heard that real estate is one of those investments that can continue to pay out if you rent.   Or it will give you one big drop in the bucket later when you sell for more than you paid.  Here are some pictures of my “almost 30” investment that I am getting ready to make:


It’s a bit of a fixer upper, or maybe more of a tear it downer…  Maybe a nice strong wind will come along and do the job for us.

DSC01626 DSC01627     DSC01636

You could make a steep ladder out of those stairs…


I’ll be sure to buy a new seat for that toilet.  I love the colors in that shower curtain though.  Be careful on that balcony, its a bit wobbly.


There’s even space to tie your pony up after a long hard ride.



But the main “riqueza” is the spectacular view of the valley.  Our goal is to knock this house down and rebuild it using natural, native materials from the area.  Our budget is pretty small so any donations to this page can help us out quite a bit.  Ultimately this house will continue to be a resting place for my husbands family when then come to town from the farm.  It will be a place for us to bring visitors and a place to stay when we make runs to pick up products to sell in the city.  This will be a place where I can have my very own garden and where I can take my son to learn about nature and the Colombian side of his native roots.  This will one day be my house of dreams!



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