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Top 10 Travel Gear Items for 2015

Top 10 Travel Gear Items for 2015


There is a strategy to traveling that can make your trip easier, your packing faster and your luggage lighter.  In this article I am going to help you explore your options so that you can prepare like a professional.  Here are my top 10 travel gear items for 2015.  I own most of the stuff on this list and what I don’t own I am planning to acquire on my next trip to the States.

First here is a video that will show you some great ways to fold your stuff in a way that will help keep any traveler more organized:

1. Shoes: Whether you are passing through an airport, touring historic sites and places of interest, shoes are probably the most important thing you can pack.  I always pack 2-3 types of shoes.

Thongs or Flip Flops: A must-have item for any traveler.  The number one cause of athletes foot is walking barefoot in public places.  Avoid the foot funk!  I prefer Puma brand.  They are comfortable and the fabric thong part fits comfortably between my toes!!  I own them, they work great!

Womens Puma Epic Flip Flop Sandals in 3 colours-Pink-6.5

Hiking/Walking Shoes: Adventures will not wait for you to catch up in your sexy heels, so to be truly prepared you need shoes that are ready for any terrain, anytime.  I have a pretty average size 9 foot, it’s not wide but it definitely isn’t narrow either.  Keen has been a wonderful brand for me because their rubber toe protection prevents me from having scuffed toes and their footbed lasts a really long time.  I will buy this brand of shoe or sandal FOREVER!!  And their prices for the quality are super reasonable.

2. Travel Purse: Have you ever bought a new purse only for it to fade and start looking ragged a year later? I know I have.  The perfect travel purse (for me) is something that retains its color, goes with any outfit, has plenty of interior pockets and a strap that can’t be cut easily.  The Haiku brand fulfills all of these conditions.  Not only does it have a super classy look but the strap is seatbelt material and can’t be cut with anything less than a chainsaw!  After 2 years of travel it barely looks used.  That’s a win!

3. Filtered Water Bottle: I hate being a consumer of plastic water bottles.  In some countries they even sell water in plastic bags, eww!  Instead opt for a LifeStraw water bottle where even the nastiest water will come out free of bacteria (99.9999%) and parasites (99.9%).  This is a no brainer, it will save you a TON of money and keep you hydrated and functioning!

4. Travel Towel: Super cheap but necessary!  Not only is this towel#1 rated lightweight (150 grams) and super absorbent but it has a hook!  I can’t begin to express the number of times I have packed a bulky towel, sacrificed space and then watched it land in nasty hostel shower water.  Total downer.  The second I set foot on American soil I plan to own one of these ASAP because the little gym towel I use right now isn’t cutting it.  And its cheap!  Just click on the picture.

5.  Life-proof Smartphone Case: Nothing will ruin your trip faster than losing all your pictures and data that you have recorded with your smartphone.  If you are like me and you take notes, write WordPress posts, take pictures, record sound bytes and stay in touch via Skype, then it is a no-brainer to make sure that you protect what you have.  Unfortunately this amazing case wasn’t on the market when I bought my iPhone and it’s Otter Box 4 years ago.  Since then I have fallen on a rock with my iphone in my butt pocket (ouch!), I have spilled water on it, dropped it and knocked it off of stuff plus anything else you can imagine.  Not only does the case help to “hide” it somewhat by making it look a bit more generic but it will pay for itself by going anywhere!  I used to work for a cellphone company and cracked screens are super expensive to fix!

6. Travel Luggage Scale: A $15 dollar scale or a $200 dollar fine for being over the 50 lb (20 Kg) limit?  You decide!

7.  Bum Wipes: Sometimes when we are traveling across continents we find it hard to get to a shower.  Take a lesson from my experience.  Toilet paper just doesn’t fight off the “butt funk” when traveling.  Plus going to bed with clean hands, face and feet does something psychologically that seems to help me sleep better even if it’s in an airport.

8. Travel Organizer: This is another one of those “I-will-buy” items on my next trip to the US.  Sometimes being able to get to bras and undies fast and easy is without value.  Plus I always seem to “lose” a couple pairs into the disaster that is my backpack or suitcase only to discover them later when I get home and unpack.  I really wish I had a bag I could pull out and get my undies without digging for them!

9. A Hennessey Hammock: When I was in Brazil I took off to the remotest part of Bahia to visit an Eco Community.  I brought a small backpack and my Hennessey Hammock.  Not only did it save me a ton of money by allowing me to camp, but it is super comfy to sleep in, lightweight and I was able to set up camp pretty much anywhere I could find two objects to anchor to.  Did I mention that the zip top keeps out mosquitoes?  Yeah baby!

10. A Travel Pillow That Doesn’t Suck: Whether you are trying to get a few minutes of shut eye on a long flight or catch up on sleep during a long bus ride, having a decent travel pillow can really save your energy by allowing you to recharge your batteries.  And this one just happens to be the #1 award winning travel pillow on Amazon!!

So there you have it, stuff that will take your average vacation and make it into a great one because you will do it like a pro!  The best part is that most of the stuff I showed you on here costs $30 or less and some of it will even help you to save money, keep your health up and allow you to relax.  So please feel free to click on any of these links.  They are all Amazon Affiliate links and any purchase you make will give me a couple bucks towards keeping this site maintained and allowing me to keep bringing you great travel stories! Cheers!

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  1. Mary
    March 14, 2015 at 5:20 pm

    I loved the folding part where they hook the item with the bottom edge folded. I have always rolled but had not seen that. Great addition for my packing. Thanks

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