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A Sunday Bicycle Ride

A Sunday Bicycle Ride


Sometimes I want to go out on Saturday night, catch the tiger by the tail and sleep in the next day. God bless my boyfriend for being the voice of reason and kicking my ass out of bed to go for a bicycle ride. Mind over matter. The final reward was a fantastic morning of exercise in paradise.

My Colombian boyfriend is very creative and picks out routes as I try to talk him down to something easy he tries to talk me up to something challenging. And he always wins!! However he will do it in a way that leaves me thanking him later after I am reveling in the excitement of what I accomplished. Today we rode up towards La Florida and then branched off into a rocky dirt road that wound its way up a mountainside.

My body screamed and whined like a little bitch as we humped our way up a narrow road that passed picturesque coffee farms and “Paisa” houses. The sun was so clear and bright it lit up the banana trees and coffee fields to a glowing emerald green. The countryside was a rainbow of various flowering tropical plants, vines and trees. The sweat was pouring off of me by the time we reached the small “pueblito” and we shared a few minutes of rest as we caught our breaths. The descent was just as perilous as the ascent only in reverse but instead of climbing rocks now I am bouncing off of them and riding my brakes while staying alert for cars, motorcycles and buses on a single lane road with virtually no passing room. Finally we emerged victoriously back into the main road and as the serotonin pumped through my body I knew that getting out of bed early on a Sunday was worth every second!!

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  1. Joe Groot
    August 17, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Hey Open Minded Traveler,
    It sounds like you’re having a very interesting time down there in Columbia. All’s well here in Reno. Happy trails. 🙂

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