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El Lugar Hotel Boutique: Where to Stay and Eat, in Pereira Colombia

El Lugar Hotel Boutique: Where to Stay and Eat, in Pereira Colombia

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El Lugar Hotel Boutique
An upscale house in one of the most exclusive residential areas of Pereira was converted into a small, but elegant hotel.

In the modern city of Pereira we have some of the best amenities which can be found in the Coffee Axis region.  They are situated close to some of the best luxury destinations in Colombia, which haven’t been discovered yet.  From world class hot spring spas to boutique hotels, Pereira has a little bit of everything you need to take a time out and relax during your visit to Colombia.  The best part of all, it won’t break the bank to take a break.

El Lugar Hotel Boutique
The beds are European Style and Imported.

El Lugar Hotel Boutique

One boutique hotel in particular caught my attention as of late.  El Lugar (The Place): a Euro-Lux style bed and breakfast is a stunning one-of-a-kind attraction which most travelers will easily miss, if they don’t know about it.  The proprieters, Joern Ludvigson and Nohra Peña, is a mixed Danish-Colombian couple who have brought together the best of old world design with the exotic landscape of the Coffee Axis.  The hotel is tucked in among the sprawling country estates of Pereira’s upper class, and will transport you to another era of pressed linen suits, Panama hats and ladies strolling on the terrace in sultry afternoon repose.

Contact: Hotel El Lugar ~ Km 10 Vía Pereira – Cerritos, Finca Veracruz, Casa 7. Periera, Colombia  +57 321 558 4848

Bathroom|El Lugar Hotel|Pereira Colombia

The hotel is a house which has been refitted as a European style bed and breakfast.  On the outside are terraces framed by gentle Spanish Colonial style arches and light wispy curtains which can be closed to block the intense afternoon sun.  On the inside you are transported to another place as you take in the immaculate antique heirloom pieces blended in among the modern pieces designed by Danish architects.  There are only 3 guest suites available at this time offering an intimate experience where your every need is personally cared for with an eye for quality and comfort.  The kitchen is professionally appointed with state of the art tools and appliances guaranteed to create meals whose beauty is rivaled only by the quality of ingredients and preparation technique.  A comfortable but elegant living room area is crowned by a small pub style bar offering top shelf liquor.

El Lugar Hotel Boutique
Jorn gives us a tour of his well-stocked bar

Services and Amenities

Services offered include:

  • Private airport shuttle.
  • Golf packages
  • Private tours
  • Language assistance
  • Special event planning.
  • High Speed Internet
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Quiet, relaxed atmosphere

Whether you are just taking time to pamper yourself, enjoying a romantic getaway or simply looking for a quiet retreat, El Lugar Hotel Boutique seeks to please with standards which are not typically available in Colombia.  This country is an unspoiled cultural gem in a world of over-commercialized and overused tourist industries.

There is still a huge lack of good customer service in the Coffee Axis.  It isn’t a part of Colombian culture to pay attention to detail, create a well-rounded experience and still be able to deliver quality.  This gives people like Jorn and Nohra an edge in the market by catering first world service to visitors. A unique combination exists here, as Danish culture wedded to Colombian roots, helps to join the two worlds.

It’s a very harmonious and well planned situation which will help visitors discover the wonderful experience that the Coffee Axis deserves to give and receive.

Lunch at El Lugar
Gourmet food abounds here as each meal is personalized for you!

My Experience: I enjoy collecting expats.  Sounds weird, right?  It’s true though, I seek to surround myself with people who are doing interesting things outside of their home country.  Joern invited me to visit El Lugar Hotel Boutique with my husband and a Canadian friend who was visiting the Coffee Axis for the first time.  We were given an interesting tour of the place which confirmed that there is indeed an interesting project happening here.  After the tour we were treated to a tasty gourmet lunch prepared by Joern and Nohra.  Nohra is a charming conversationalist and a wonderful host.  Jorn has so much passion for what he does it comes out in his actions, whether he is serving a delicious meal, or showing us his kitchen garden.  It was apparent to all that a lot of thought and preparation was put into this project and I really hope that it finds the success it deserves.  All the best my friends!

El Lugar Pet Dog
Daniel Approves!

On a final note, I want to sum up this review with a few comments from Jorn:

“El Lugar Hotel Boutique, is the place where we can realize our lifes dream. It is safer and more fulfilling (in Colombia), than we could have imagined. We believe that we can contribute our field of interest and professionalism to the tourism industry of Pereira.



Also we are aiming at paying forward our life experiences to help others attain a more rewarding and educated life and travel experience. There are so many talented people here, whom we would like to stimulate and give the chance they do not find in the educational system, or in the industry of tourism for a variety of reasons. We know we cannot “save the world” but we hope to bring inspiration and knowledge across cultural barriers. 

Garden|El Lugar Hotel| Pereira
El Lugar Hotel Boutique



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  1. Mary
    January 29, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    El Lugar sounds like a wonderful hotel, maybe when I visit I will stay there a couple days!

  2. 57smark
    February 1, 2016 at 8:58 am

    Che bellissimo! What a great review…and I can easily see why. I look forward to meeting Jorn & Nohra when (whenever THAT is) I finally visit…:)

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