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Exotic Fruit Review: “Chontaduro”

Exotic Fruit Review: “Chontaduro”

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Also known as the “Palm Peach,” chontaduro is a fruit common to certain parts of Central and South America.  The fruit grows in a cluster on a palm tree.  It’s color varies from bright orangy red to orange and yellow/green.  The first time I tasted it there was nothing special about it.  However the second time worked out to be the charm.  This fruit must be cooked before it is edible.  There is a type of fat that this fruit puts out naturally which has been used as a cooking oil.  Now for the best part…the taste!  It’s like eating butter.  I have never felt so guiltless eating something so tasty.  Honey is drizzled over the top for a perfect blend in butter and honey.  It reminds me of a piece of buttered toast with a fresh golden honey spread on top.

Palm peach can also be used as a substitute for corn and fed to farm animals (even the fishes in the pond) as a high nutrient feed.  Often we wonder why meat tastes so different in other places, this is due to unique diets.  I have seen local farmers feed sugar cane syrup, bananas, chontaduro, etc… The result: a low-cost and nutritionally efficient feed for animals.

If you are ever traveling in Pereira in the “Eje Cafetero” you can find street vendors selling it for a $1 on the street with honey on top.  I encourage you to try this treat as an open minded traveler and enjoy your visit to Colombia!

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