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My 30 Day Challenge | To Create a Stronger Mind, Body and Spirit!

My 30 Day Challenge | To Create a Stronger Mind, Body and Spirit!

Life Abroad

Life is a balancing act. We don’t always come out ahead, and sometimes we get beaten at our own game. And, it happens to all of us. It can become even more serious if you live abroad, where things are a bit different for the underemployed. You might even reach that moment where you ask yourself – “is my lifestyle here still worth it?” This horrible thought and more has driven me to the edge. And, I need to #DoSomethingPositive for myself, to come out of this slump better than I went into it. So I am going to design, and do, My 30 Day Challenge, for better fitness, mental health and inner peace.

My 30 Day Challenge

My 30 Day Challenge
Starting the day off right with some Tai Chi practice!

I was a bit hesitant to do My 30 Day Challenge. I see so many other influencers and bloggers jumping into. I want anything I do, to be as authentic as possible, even while realizing there is nothing new under the sun. Who hasn’t heard that before? And, those claims by many cyber-guru’s that a “Course” is suited to “Your Type,” is a pretty broad brush stroke. Because, despite all the surveys, quizzes, psychoanalysis and overthinking, YOU are unique. I am unique. My problems can’t be put into your box or psychoanalyzed for “proper treatment.” Yet, I refuse to sit around and do nothing either. I am going to #DoSomethingPositive.

Time to be honest.

I have problems. And, I need to find healthier ways to deal with them. It’s not easy to admit this, and I admire people who do. Because despite our perfect online presence, real life can be complicated. Stress. Work. Financial issues. Family issues. Personal issues. Being the mother of a two year old issues. The pressure is there, and it’s not going away, no matter how many times I lock myself out on the balcony armed with nothing but a 6-pack of Corona’s, lemons, salt and country music.

I can’t solve my problems with money – at least not completely at this moment. And, maybe that is why I am in this place today. 

It’s time for me to create some positive solutions that are within my general talents and physical reality.

Write Harder.
All of this…I need lots of positive self-talk in my life!

Right now I’m working to suck up my problems and get an online teaching job. Because those who can’t – teach. And, to be clear: I am a rather fine English teacher, with a strong aversion to interacting with people too many hours in a row. It exhausts me. Or under the duress of handling 30 children, in the same room. In fact, I have found a really nice niche – teaching small groups which I can and do frequently take on, in order to pay my bills. The best part: I actually enjoy it!

Online teaching job(s) almost secured, I am now in a place where endurance is going to be the key to my survival. But, I plan to endure free of excess financial entanglements. Which means no karate, no coffee shop jams, no eating out, and no alcohol. I’m really not sure which is more painful: Going without? Or bumming money off my mom (who is a total pushover), or my husband (who doesn’t “do” beer, or dates, or any extra that does not involve la mercancia, or the groceries). And, as my dear old dad drilled into my head for 17 years: “Beggars can’t be choosers.” And, it all leads into My 30 Day Challenge…

I’m going to be a home-body for a while. At least until my first pay check comes in. All the more reason to do something loving for myself – like improve my habits, and lose some weight!

So I’m going to teach the Chinese, and their beloved neighbors the Taiwanese, and their beloved neighbors the Japanese. Ok, before you get touchy about my sarcasm…in training they emphasized to us “stay away from anything related to China-Taiwan-Japan geopolitical issues.” I’m not even going to touch that issue with a feather.

Ok! Moving along…I have prepared a bit of a longer post where I talk in depth about my actual plan, including a daily productivity schedule. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for daily updates, recipes and inspiration!

Click Here to See My 30 Day Plan >>




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