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7 Best Insider Secrets at Hotel Movich Pereira

7 Best Insider Secrets at Hotel Movich Pereira

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I have something extra special to share with you… It’s counterintuitive and goes against the grain of my usual article topic. But, it would be a crime not to tell you about the 7 Best Insider Secrets at Hotel Movich Pereira which I worked to curate for my international reading audience. Let’s dive in!

Best Insider Secrets at Hotel Movich Pereira


Recently I finished a 30 -Day Challenge and decided that some much needed pampering was due afterwards. Around that same time I was in contact with the Service Manager, Sra. Carmen Alviria Marquez of Hotel Movich Pereira, who invited me to see a side of Pereira I hadn’t experienced previously!

Hotel Movich did not pay me for the article – they simply invited me over for a couple nice visits. And I found it very nice. I think it takes bravery and a steel backbone to reach out to a blogger or journalist and invite them to come form their own opinion free of restraint.

Which solidified in my mind all the more, that they really are dedicated to their mission to provide a customer experience curated in a way that supports small local businesses, musicians and artists. The women who run Movich Hotel Pereira are local women who seem to be well traveled, well-educated, strong leaders, and the type of people who are using their good taste and wits to survive in a very difficult niche.

#1 | A Corporate Philosophy which Supports Local


Large corporations have basically destroyed the planet. In the midst of the crumbling chaos of corporate greed, is another type of corporation which strives to remember the importance of cultivating good karma while finding ways to help care for the local people and their environment. I took a dose of my own Open Minded Traveler wisdom and met with the service manager of Hotel Movich Pereira – to go see what they had to offer.

  • Eco-Sustainable architecture abounds here where you will find multiple green spaces, water, wood/earth and natural light. Natural sustainable materials were used in the decor and architecture. Local cultural icons are cleverly weaved into the ambiance with subtle touches. Guests will discover pillows printed with a photo by a local artist. Coffee sacks which blend seamlessly with the bamboo, stone, actual coffee plants and warm lighting.
  • They make it a personal mission statement to support local. From local artists, photographers and producers to job creation and employee incentives for following certain courses of education and providing jobs which seem to be more stable than most.
  • Several visitor packages with mid range to affordable options for locals and visitors on a budget who want an upscale experience. We will talk about some of these packages more in this article.
  • A commitment to personalized customer service that shines through the attitudes and actions of the employees. I felt like there was a lot of positive energy floating around. Generally everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly and willing to help me out. Even when I was there with my plain old “street” clothes of shorts, tank, shirt and sandals  – the staff asked me how they could assist, they were prompt to respond to what I said, and they seemed happy to be there helping me. Be sure to comment below about your experience!


Hotel Movich Pereira is an impressive legacy of an executive team which has succeeded in curating a good customer experience for affluent travelers who visit Pereira, Colombia, while giving reasonable options and encouraging locals to take a part. The executive team of Movich have found a blend of mindfulness and sumptuous elegance which works to support local jobs, care for the environment, support local artists, local music and even local products in the  gourmet restaurant named Ebano – Cocina de Autor.

#2 | A Gourmet Restaurant, Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients 

Hotel Movich Pereira
Lunch at Ebano was decadent! I ate Salmon with apples & blue cheese, a colorful green salad and some seasoned potato fries. Paired with fresh Sour Sop juice – all in all a nice experience.

A cut above the average fare, I don’t think many locals have even heard of Ebano, Cocina de Autor. With prices which are comparable to the best restaurants in the area for the luxury niche, they push the envelope even further by using curated ingredients like wild-caught salmon, well prepared Sirloin steak (depending on availability), or even their decadent desserts which are made from scratch, on-site!

The house Milhoja, a traditional Colombian pastry.

The chef, Martin Valencia, has recently been awarded: “Chef Rebelion de La Barra” – by La Barra, a national organization which helps to promote and reward restaurants, bars and cafes which raise the standard on talent and quality in Colombia.

Open Minded Traveler
The herbs which are used to season their dishes are grown onsite in raised bed gardens which integrate seamlessly with outdoor restaurant seating.

I had the Salmon with Apples & Gorgonzola cheese which came with a side salad and seasoned fried potatoes.  Cost: 43,000 COP (~$13.50 USD). You won’t spend any more, or less for that quality of food at other restaurants of this quality in Pereira. A good value for excellent quality. Served with lunch is an ample breadbasket of artisan breads which are specially prepared in-house. For Dessert I had Profiteroles. Cost: 12,000 COP ($4 USD) which were not only a good size, but slathered richness without being overly sweet. My lunch companion had the Movich Milhoja, which features crunchy sweet pastry with sweet cream in between as seen in the above picture.

#3 | Spa Movich and Little-Known Affordable Packages


Cost: While the average package starts at a staggering 120,000 – 200,000 COP range, there is a little-known spa package which most locals (even English Teachers) will find to be super affordable only at Hotel Movich Pereira. Special Deal: For only 35,000 – 70,000 COP range you can come experience a super relaxing hand and foot therapy which you are going to love – especially if you work in an office or you stand all day.


Some of their other therapies include facials, relaxation and waist reduction massages, couples packages and seasonal specials. Their staff are very attentive and sensitive to their customers needs and comfort. Great for a day-spa with family or friends.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is a little known membership offer for locals to come and use the spa/pool/fitness facilities at Movich. Especially if you want a really quiet environment, then this might be your style. For a cost of 860,000 COP ($282 USD) per person – members will receive the previous VIP benefits like parking, discounts on the restaurants, guest discounts and more for 6 months. Inquire with Spa staff or at the front desk for more information.

Don’t forget! Call 24-48 hours ahead for reservations and appointment availability

 +57 (036) 311 3327

#4 | The Tipsy Bird Bar and Gourmet Cocktails

Hotel Movich Pereira
Gourmet drinks made from fresh ingredients, the two on the right are alcoholic – and the two on the left aren’t.

For gourmet One-Of-A-Kind cocktails, live music and a speakeasy style of atmosphere, The Tipsy Bird is a fun upscale experience in Pereira. A bit on the pricey side, but founded on super high quality alcohol and careful curation. Even if you prefer to skip the alcohol and soak up the ambiance, opt for one of their gourmet non-alcoholic cocktails which feature carefully sourced flavors and ingredients. You will not feel or look left out!

Hotel Movich Pereira
This is my “focused on taking a good picture AND smiling” face…

Stop in every Friday night for live music. During my visit a local cover band called “Deep Falls” put on a great set of classic hits from the late 80s and 90s. We heard their lead singer give us an rousingly inspired rendition of “So What” by Pink. It was so pleasantly unexpected, and best of all: No Cover! Beer runs 10,000 – 12,000 COP ($3.50-$4 USD) for National and Import brews. Cocktails start at 26,000 pesos, which is a bit pricey for Pereira but reasonable for the presentation and quality featuring mid – top-shelf liquor and special ingredients like Lychee, Rose Water and

Special Event Calendar: July 14th, 2017 Hotel Movich presents: La Barranca de Lorena, a fun and sexy show guaranteed to have you humming along and tapping your toes. Dance choreography and singing. Cost: 60,000 COP ($20 USD)

#5 | Sunday Pool, Lunch & Sauna Package

Hotel Movich Pereira

Another little-known insider secret is the Movich Sunday pool access special. Especially if you don’t want to travel to Cerritos, Cuba or beyond, you can now go hit the Turkish Sauna, hang out in the pool with the family eat a gourmet lunch and be home in only 5-10 minutes. Discover nice facilities only minutes from home for your next staycation!


This package is very cool because for $20 USD or $65,000 COP, you get full facilities with towels, showers, Turkish sauna, pool and lunch included. The most important thing to remember about this special is that it is ONLY on Sundays, and subject to limitations if there is a high rate of occupancy. You must RSVP at least 1 day ahead of time!

#6 | Saman Cafe: A Nice Coffee Shop with a Quiet Ambiance 

You would expect a fancy hotel like this one to have the type of coffee shop that gives a Starbucks-worthy cringe once you hear the price of your favorite thunder bean. Hotel Movich brings together quality and locally sourced products to create a cafe that is both high quality, impressive and affordable. And did I mention their pastries? They have an on-site pastry Chef (who is also from Pereira), that prepares all the breads, rolls, cakes and pastries served – even in Saman Cafe too!


The next time you are out shopping at the Pereira Plaza Centro Comercial (mall) – just take the connecting doorway over into the Hotel Movich Pereira lobby and pay a visit to Saman Cafe. (So many people forget about this little trick! Especially if you want to impress your date – splurge on something delicious here some time!)

Did I mention they have coffee? Featuring special preparation types including chemex, dripper (for iced coffee), V60 and siphon. I recommend you do the siphon because its a really cool presentation and fun to see – especially if you dig science experiments. Next time I am going to dress steampunk and come here to drink Siphon prep coffee.


A standard cappuccino prepared by an onsite trained barista will run you 5,500 COP ($1.80 USD) from regionally sourced gourmet coffee. A regular “tinto,” or cup of brewed black coffee is 3,200 COP ($1.15 USD), proving that even budget vacations can be nice if you go to the right place, or country. Seriously, Pereira is incredible – if you also follow my curated articles on too!

#7 | The Counterintuitive Trick for Finding Affordable Rooms 

Hotel Movich Pereira generally fits a mold for executive business travel. It is the automatic destination for anyone who comes here on business. The result, is that you will find the best prices for booking your stay – on weekends. Regular standard rooms start at 300,000 COP and suites start at 450,000 COP.


It sounds counterintuitive but plan to be here on the weekend! And, did we mention that 300,000 COP is about $100 USD – which is pretty cheap for a hotel which strives to provide “5-star” quality service. Each room comes with water, coffee and tea. Showers give plenty of space to move around in – and the beds are super comfortable.

Contact: +57 (036) 311 3300


I was pleasantly surprised to visit and experience one of the oldest, biggest and best hotels in Pereira. For the traveler who needs amenities. 24/7 concierge desk. Shuttle service. Wifi.  Plus a full array of internal logistics options, Hotel Movich is pretty well set up. It is situated near to el Centro and the Zona Rosa of Pereira.

By the way: If you live in Pereira – but you need a conference or event space – Movich can help. There are  3 different  conference room options and sizes. They range from 500 people down to 150 seat occupancy, you will be able to hold any small or medium sized event here with ease.

Really I cannot adequately mention the amenities. This is the type of hotel designed to have so many different options. And they do a nice job of it.

I liked what I saw. A strong executive team of women with class and good taste. A carefully curated lifestyle of luxury which felt very authentic. A series of spa, fitness and food facilities which are excellent quality without being too costly either.

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