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Restaurant Review: “Montmartre” of Cartagena, Colombia

Restaurant Review: “Montmartre” of Cartagena, Colombia



In the narrow streets of the old walled city in Cartagena is a slice of old world variety for the cultured palate.  With a short list of authentic dishes and carefully selected wine pairings “Montmartre” will give you a much needed break from the heat of Cartagena.  Simple furnishings and bistro style details will make this French restaurant an unforgettable part of your romantic night out.

Where: Calle del Santisimo #8-08 (piso 2), Centro Historico – Cartagena de Indias

Telephone Number: +57 -5 660-2285

I stumbled onto this recently opened restaurant on where, in spite of it’s newness to the area is already receiving rave reviews!  We were seated by our waiter, an Argentinian with a travel addiction, dressed in a beret and long apron.  I was pleasantly surprised by his attentive care and attention to our needs from the moment we arrived.  Customer service is a luxury not often found in Colombia where life and it’s inhabitants often tends to move at a much slower pace, especially on the coast.  He spoke imperfect but perfectly understandable English which made ordering easier for me since I have neglected my French since my 7th grade studies.


I opted for the leg of duck which came tender and lightly seasoned, well accompanied by Grey Poupon.  On the side were skin-on French fried potatoes and a fresh green salad.  In the style of French cuisine the plate was simple, elegant and a perfect amount of food.  With it I drank an Argentinian malbec.  Jaime opted for a sirloin cut of beef accompanied by potatoes au gratin and a fresh salad accompanied with a Colombian national brand of beer.  For dessert we ate crème brulee accompanied by a type of brandy made from apples.


IMG_6848[1]The owner of the restaurant is Valerie Thuilier a French Colombian who returned to Colombia after several years abroad to open her own restaurant.  All the fruits and veggies are locally sourced from high quality producers including a Frenchman who provides “French syle” cuts of meat ensuring authenticity.  Valerie has a passion for gourmet food which drives the quality of her selections and will deliver the exquisite taste which I had the pleasure of enjoying!

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