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Open Minded Traveler Featured on Colombia Calling Radio | Travel

Open Minded Traveler Featured on Colombia Calling Radio | Travel

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Over a year ago, I made my first appearance on Colombia Calling radio – right before I began a new project which shut down Open Minded Traveler for a year. Now I’m back with new stories and inspiration after having completely overhauled my blog theme, branding, platform, everything!  My audience has also come back with a vengeance, and doubled even. And here I am, telling my stories to anyone who wants to listen or read…

Colombia Calling Radio

I am a huge supporter of this independent podcaster who talks about all things Colombian. Of course, I am also a huge supporter of anyone who is out there trying to make a living while being conscious of the world around them too. Richard McColl is an eloquent journalist and a friendly host on Colombia Calling Radio. And he is definitely someone who lives with his eyes wide open, seeing the reality of Colombia and even putting boots on the ground in interesting areas also. Be sure to check out some of his previous and future interviews and his own personal blog (, Prepare to dig deeper into the topics of the armed conflict, the peace proceedings, life in Colombia, Mompos and Bogota.

My Interview with Colombia Calling

On this episode, Richard interviews me about my recent experience in El Choco. I will explain to listeners the El Choco trip itinerary, talk about some of the issues, plus safety. By the time you finish listening to this you will know for certain whether this is for you, or if it would be more well-lived in a vicarious manner through my experiences. We laugh, we touch on some sensitive topics and we give a run down of what it’s really like to travel out in this other-worldy place, known as the Department of El Choco.

Here are some of the topics we will touch on:

  • Trip Itinerary, and how we modify it for the interests of our guests. From cocoa tours to waterfall hikes, the opportunities are as endless as the surrounding mountains. Birding, climbing, wild orchid hunting and more…
  • Precautions and safety advisory. Where we review all the ways we ensure the safety of our visitors plus some insight into how the situation really is.
  • Costs and procedures. This is a all inclusive trip where for 300,000 COP you receive transport, lodging, food and guided hikes. You are not going to see this price again once the word gets out about the beauty of this place.

Click below to listen now with the embedded media player via Sticher, or download the interview from iTunes and listen to it later!

Experience it on iTunes here:

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Thank you and God Bless!

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