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My Diet Plan for a Healthy Body | 30 Day Challenge

My Diet Plan for a Healthy Body | 30 Day Challenge


You are what you eat. And please, don’t try to tell me how food is food. We all know that there are foods which improve our health, and foods which cause our health to backslide like a sinner on a Saturday night. Here I am – Day 15, I am going to share My Diet Plan which I have been following, with you.

With my diet focus, I try to find foods I like which are healthy, and eat those. Over time I have studied the available research, to determine which foods to go towards and which foods to steer away from. For me, its bread, dairy, fake ingredients, alcohol and sugar. Those three are the lethal combination which causes my pants to get snug and my weight to blossom.

It has taken me most of a 12 year struggle to drop down to a size that is healthy for me. There were times where I was doing everything right but drinking too much beer on the weekends. Unfortunately great achievements also require great sacrifice. My #1 weight loss enemy: stress. Overwhelming, too-much-to-handle stress. The kind that makes you grind your teeth at night and fidget during the day.

And here’s what I need to do about it…

My Diet Philosophy

My Diet Plan

Honestly, I hate the word diet. It is so misleading because we all tend to believe that “dieting” is what it takes. I have a ton of chunky aunts who have been trying to tame their weight with diet for as long as I know them. And sometimes, some of them succeed. The funny thing I notice, is that its usually the ones who are ALSO exercising. Yep, that’s right. I am one of those wacko exercise advocates. I’m not saying it’s impossible to diet yourself into being slim…

But, why watch every little thing that goes into your mouth? Or live on vegetable juices and protein shakes? Or even worse, having to worry about how much green leafy matter made it onto your plate! A little bit of self-motivation will make your life so much easier! But, that’s the kicker. Most, if not all of us – totally suck at self-control and self-motivation. Even I do, which is why I am doing this 30 day challenge to #DoSomethingPositive and create better (permanent) habits for myself.

Weight loss is a change of lifestyle. You can’t stay the same person AND lose the fat! In my experience it’s impossible.

But that’s the crazy thing about how unique each and every person on the planet is…

We are all different.

Take what you like from this, and toss the rest out with the bath-water. I’m telling you about things which have worked effectively for me. I am a female, caucasian with type O+ blood. Stress, bread, sugar and alcohol make me fat. Exercise, healthy fats, gluten-free “breads,” staying off the alcohol, fighting stress and panela (which is sugar which is less-refined or partially raw) seems to work for me. Plus, at least 2-3 days of exercise per week, to kick my adrenal glands into gear and speed up my sluggish metabolism.

My Diet Plan a.k.a. Lifestyle & Habit Rehab

My Diet Plan
Pasture raised chicken from my mother-in-law in the jungle. Home-made yucca fries and lemonade is one of my favorite lunch dishes. Made fresh from scratch! No preservatives, no additives, no refined sugars.

There are a few important changes which I have decided to make. Some of them are temporary, some are things I need to cut back on permanently for what I perceive are my own health and longevity needs. And for the record. My mom has fought off aging like a pro through similar habits, but stays fluffy because she doesn’t do exercise. Compared to the average person in her age group, I think she is curvaceously healthy. 😉

Here are the habits I want to kick, or slow down on for the 30 Day Challenge:

  • No Coffee (except by extreme circumstance i.e. meeting with a client)
  • No Gluten (which cuts out cakes, cookies and pasta).
  • No Alcohol (except for a pre-planned celebration)

Some of the habits which I want to create:

  • Make vegetable juice 2-3 times per week. (I didn’t do it at all Week 1, and week 2 I only got around to making it twice.)
  • Eat out/drink coffee & eat cake out….a bit less.
  • Cook at home more often.

That’s it. It’s actually pretty simple. I have a couple basic thorns which throw me off my game when I get stressed. And, eating the wrong stuff is one of them. Things which mess my energy up is another. But, keep in mind, there are already many things which I don’t eat already.

Foods & Substances which I NEVER eat or use:

  1. Soda. Top of my list for the ultimate gross DO NOT TOUCH EVER type of drinkable matter, which makes me cringe every time someone offers it to me. And, I’m sure at some point, people are getting offended that I am turning them down when they proudly bust out the Coca-Cola. But, it’s not for me. Ingredients aside, it takes 28 cups of water to counteract the effects of one soda. Especially DIET SODA….if you drink diet soda…I hope you have an after-life plan. Don’t take my word for it, ask Dr. Axe!
  2. Tobacco. Been there done that. But, addictions are tough. And we each find our own way to deal with it. Some of us switch to well-sourced all-natural cannabis, but that is a story for another time. Figure out what works for you, but try to find an alternative brand which has less chemical and radioactive matter in it. It’s not even the tobacco that kills you, it’s the other toxic shit added to it!
  3. Foods high in preservatives. Yes, I’m THAT girl. The one who buys brands at the supermarket based on the lowest number of ingredients and/or additives in any given product. It takes energy to create a good label-reading habit. And, truthfully, if you actually read and researched the ingredients in everything you buy….your weight will go down…all by itself. But, if you know that food additives cause CANCER, why wouldn’t you? Once again, I pass the microphone to Dr. Axe, because I respect his opinion. So please, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.
  4. Vegetable Oil/Cottonseed Oil/Margarine. I only use butter and coconut oil. Not sure if anyone has ever taken the time to study how margarine is made. But if you do, you won’t eat it anymore either. There has been some controversy about coconut oil actually being as good…for me it works. People I respect use it and advocate it. I like it. Again, do what works for you, do what feels right. We are all in unique situations and having to cut corners is inevitable.


I know My Diet Plan isn’t a super-mega game changer, but it definitely comes from years of experience with plenty of success, and failures. You won’t always succeed the first, second or even the tenth time. But every time you make a new plan, you are pouring out a bit of your energy and willpower which gives meaning to the words you write.

For me everything is habits. Good habits, bad habits and those grey habits which we justify to ourselves. But, thats ok too. The point isn’t to look like a Barbie Doll. The point is to lose weight which could potentially cause health problems, and feel good! If your “feel good” is a size 8, 10, or 12…..who am I to judge? Find what works for you, and keep trying…even in the face of repeated failure.

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