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5 Great Ways to Meet Men in Colombia

5 Great Ways to Meet Men in Colombia

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Five great ways to meet men in Colombia are a short list of things that have worked for me either inadvertently or through intention. I don’t claim to be an expert, only a witness recording what has happened, or worked out for me.

5 Ways to Meet Men in Colombia

All my dating experiences have been with “Paisa” men, in the Coffee Axis (Eje Cafetero) region. So far, I have lived in both Pereira and Manizales during almost 8 years of being permanently settled in Colombia. During that time I have had 2.5 boyfriends.

One that was 4 years, with whom I had a child. One who was a dancer. And another which was basically something else. That is to say, I haven’t really had many boyfriends in Colombia.

Personally, I prefer stable long term relationships over shorter ones choosing instead to stay single and pick carefully. On the other hand, I have had my share of strange, interesting and even wild dating experiences which only serve to make life in Colombia more interesting.

#5 Drinking Coffee – Routine Places

meet men in colombia
Coffee shop friendships in Manizales, Colombia

Nothing creates friendships like routines which coincide in familiar atmospheres. For me, small coffee shops are a really fun way to meet people you normally wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Since coffee isn’t everyones favorite drink – even though it should be, I also say routine places. If you are totally addicted to ice cream and you go to place on a regular basis where people who love ice cream hang out – might be a similar effect but with more children running around.

The upside of a coffee shop is that it is NOT a bar, so the type of impairment, or enhancement depending on your feeling towards it, is a bit different. In places like Manizales, you will meet a professional/academic crowd that is quite pleasant. Pereira has a slightly different coffee shop culture, but more business oriented, maybe not as sociable.

#4 Business Transactions – Workplaces

This is one step up from coffee shops in that, you might have more in common with the person, although I do not want anyone to read this and then go break corporate policy. Use your best judgement when following this tip.

On the other hand, if you own a business, sell a service, or are a digital nomad, then this could be one of the most fun ways to meet men in Colombia.

Another benefit, you will both be on your best behavior because it IS a workplace setting. In Colombian culture this can also be a very casual way to get out and around where you aren’t really risking anything.

Dating Tip: In my experience, Colombian men are volcanic eruptions.

Colombian men simmer with interest until something really pushes them out of their comfort zone like life changes, crazy experiences, or a sudden lightbulb flash of, “yes, she really does like me.”

Then they will either declare undying love for you like a knight on a white horse and take you off into a relationship, or they will try to get you into bed.

But be careful, if they are already taken, they might reposition their cows and add you to the herd. Be observant of their habits. If their cell phone goes “dead” at night and Sundays, they probably have a marriage, or family situation.

#3 Social Conversation Groups – Clubs

If you are a life member of Rotary, Lions Club, or you find local conversation groups that practice English, then you might meet men in Colombia. The former requires at least an intermediate level of Spanish.

English Conversation groups are always the easiest because Colombians will naturally want to listen to you speak, ask you questions about your life, and of course ask, “Why did you come to Colombia?

Watch out because sometimes these groups can get imbalanced easily which can lead to feeling pressured. If that happens, try to bring a friend, or have an escape plan if things get awkward or annoying.

#2 Introductions by Friends

Probably one of the best ways to meet people, is being introduced. Your friends can be very perceptive. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to recommend one of their friends to you, but if they don’t show interest then drop it.

Don’t be that friend who pressures their friends for introductions. Colombians are very careful with their public image. You must mesh with them to the extent that they will feel good about you meeting other friends. On the other hand, you might get Colombians pressuring you to meet their friends.

Friends won’t introduce you to their friends if they think you are a psycho. And, if they are a really good friend, you won’t even have to ask, they will offer to introduce you to “x” man that they think you would get on well with.

My only advice in this situation, is to take your time, and make sure your friends are the kind of people you trust.

#1 Doing What YOU Love

Colombian men are their own world of learning curves.

Follow your passions and along the way you will meet incredible people. As a traveler, dancer and horse aficionado I have at times been able to find groups where I mesh. Within those groups I have usually met men who are more likely to become a boyfriend.

That is not to say that chasing your passion guarantees total success, but that at the very least you will find groups of people you have something in common with.

Whatever you love, or inspires you – do that! Unless it means you never interact with other humans, in which case, you should pick up additional hobbies.

Dating Tip: Happiness Leads to Open-ness

If you are leading a happy, satisfied life in Colombia you will attract people who feel the same, or at the very least want to feel the same. If you are miserable and struggling, you will be kept at a distance, or the wrong people might be drawn to you. Work on your inner state first.

Once you are internally in your zone, externally, things will start to happen. Like the Dr. Seuss poem that says, “When things start to happen, don’t worry don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too. ” (reference from “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”)


meet men in Colombia
Even if love never sprouts as you Meet Men in Colombia, the friendships you gain along the way are worth it all!

Search for all the healthy things which make you feel good, and remember to go for walks, drink coffee at the same 2 or 3 shops on a regular basis, and go to special events with friends. Eventually you will have a spark with someone special!

Integrating with local culture goes a long ways towards helping you meet men in Colombia, because you are creating that empathy of shared understanding.

How can you truly create a relationship with someone you don’t understand on a cultural level? In a future article I will talk about the culture of integrating and experiences by myself and friends.

Ultimately having a healthy routine which takes you out into public makes a difference if you want to meet men in Colombia.

For more insight and assistance into creating your dream life in Colombia – and hopefully finding romance, contact me for my exclusive lifestyle tours. This is a VIP Experience which can help you find the most romantic places to take dates, the hottest day/night life in times of Covid for meeting people, plus culture notes and strategies which will help you understand it all and meet men in Colombia. Email

You can try to meet men in Colombia via an app like PoF, or Tinder; but I don’t really recommend it. Read more about my experience here:

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