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Restaurant Review: Crepes & Waffles, A healthy style restaurant with decadent desserts

Restaurant Review: Crepes & Waffles, A healthy style restaurant with decadent desserts



Nothing kicks off Holy Week in Colombia like having a nice lunch out with a good friend!  Tamsin is a vegetarian, I am a wanna-be, meat eating vegetarian who moonlights as a vegan.  Together we can be a bit picky and eating out would be a headache if it wasn’t for this diverse and amazing restaurant.  This is an especially useful option for any traveler visiting the major cities of Colombia who have special diet needs or vegan/vegetarian/healthy-organic lifestyle needs.

Tamsin, please don't be sad about your picture being will look just fine in a post on my blog... :-)
Tamsin, please don’t be sad about your picture being taken….you will look just fine in a post on my blog… 🙂

The atmosphere is clean, classy and fresh.  They have a selection of Colombian coffee drinks, Bogota Beer Company (BBC) artesan beer, house specials for juices, teas and select wines.  I chose the Cajica Miel by BBC to accompany the all-you-can-eat salad bar option.  Tamsin opted for the same salad bar option with water so that she could eat some scrumptious dessert.  Sometimes when I am a rebel I get the Peruvian style chicken crepes (which are also super yummy). For dessert I had an ice cream cone with coffee-toffee ice cream and she had an absolutely decadent caramel coffee milkshake.


Crepes & Waffles also feature other specialties on their menu such as Crepes with meat, veggies or fruits, flat breads and pita’s, Waffles plain, with syrup or ice cream and the works.  They have a separate menu just for all the dessert options, items such as ice cream sundaes, fruit sherbert options, milkshakes and of course their namesake dishes; crepes and waffles.  In order to contribute and give back to the lives of the people they serve Waffles and Crepes employs and helps to support people from situations of adversity and hardship.  Crepes & Waffles also sponsors a variety of sports, art events and cultural celebrations in order to give back and support the community and culture of Colombia.

A gourmet restaurant with high quality atmosphere and foods that are natural and organic.  I recommend this place to any visitors from abroad as a very nice, iconic dining experience that will please the foodie inside and the open minded adventure seeker on the outside.  Even adventurers need a little love, rest and gourmet food!!



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  1. Maire D
    April 13, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    I can not wait to try this restaurant out!

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