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Book Preview: Colombia For Women!

Book Preview: Colombia For Women!

Colombia for Women

Now available! The tie-in of my blog stories! Colombia for Women features stories, added details, previously unpublished photos and links about my early days in Colombia.  It is told in the style of Blog/Travel Guide/Autobiography. 

I will discuss some of my motivations behind why I decided to move to Colombia as an English teacher, slowly switched to being a blogger/writer, and of course, why I love living here so much.

There will be more timeline continuity added in a few places so that the stories told tie-in better with greater detail. Within is the story of how I met and fell in love with my son’s father, culture shocks and jungle adventures!

Plus, I will include travel tips and timely bits of advice. This is the story of my first 2 years living in Colombia.  More background and more stories about the people I met, and the things I have done.

Download for iPhone, Kindle, Nook….etc.  Available now!  

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