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Coffee: The Most Loved Liquid in the World From Seed to Cup

Coffee: The Most Loved Liquid in the World From Seed to Cup

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Anyone who drinks coffee, on some level, realizes that it was grown on a plant, processed and delivered in either grinds or beans to grind.  And now for some really important news:  This is going to be my last post on Open Minded Traveler in its present form.  However, I am really pleased to announce that I am starting a rebuild which is going to add many new features to the site and to help promote the eBook launch of Pereira City Guide.  I would not be here right now if it wasn’t for all my readers, friends and family who have helped me grow this project into a lifestyle, a career and most importantly a dream come true for me and my family!

Ok, back to whimsical land we call The Coffee Axis of Colombia.  A reader sent me this graphic to share:

It would be a waste of space to say anything else when I have already taken up your time on small details.

This amazing graphic shows a beautiful presentation of the coffee process from seed to cup.

Enjoy and pay the favor forward by visiting the website of the person behind this amazing graphic design art!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to post this ad, nor am I profiting in any way from the site which I linked to,

I’m just sharing something really cool with you!


Coffee is good stuff!  Drink a cup today and toast a Colombian coffee farmer while you’re at it!  La vida es muy bueno!

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